BY Team Aakash Byju's

CBSE Class 12 Biology Exam: Human Reproduction Important Notes

We know that humans are sexually reproducing living organisms and are also viviparous.

This means they develop a forth life inside the body of the parent.

Add notes on what are the reproductive events in humans and their processes in detail.

 Study the male reproductive system and the female reproductive system, what they consist of, how they look and how they function.

Practice drawing the male and female reproductive systems and memorise the different labels on the parts.

Study what Gametogenesis is in males and females.

Study the structure of sperm with diagram and labeling. Also, be aware of the average sperm counts in a healthy male.

The next important topic is to study the ‘menstrual cycle’ (MC) and its phases.

 Under the same topic, you also need to learn the hormonal control of MC.

 The process of fertilisation and implantation would carry a lot of questions. So, it must be given more importance.

You should not skip the topic 'Pregnancy and embryonic development'. Read about chorionic villi, placenta, and  the hormones produced only in females during pregnancy.

Finally, study well about the process of delivery, ‘parturition’ and the process of lactation.