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Bhavik Bansal
1 | AIR

Hello Friends, My name is Bhavik Bansal, I joined Aakash Institute in 2 year integrated program in 2017. It has been a pleasure spending my two years here which has a major contribution in my success. Faculties here have catered to my request on.

Akshat Kaushik
3 | AIR

I am Akshat Kaushik and I joined Aakash institute 4 years ago in Class IX as a pre-foundation student and since then my journey as a medical aspirant has been tied to Aakash institute, the books, the teachers or the classrooms, everything. Faculty at Aakash is extremely…

1 | AIR

Hi friends. My name is Eliza. I joined Aakash Institute in 2016 in 2 year DLP program for AIIMS and NEET. The extensive and exhaustive study material provided by the Institute helped me in proper understanding and application of concepts.

Ansh Gupta
3 | AIR

I Ansh Gupta, Student of the Aakash Institute, have secured the 3rd AIR in AIIMS -2015 . I also secured 6th and 9th ranks in state EAMCETs studying in Aakash has been helpful to me. The national exposure and ranking has boasted my confidence. The quality of study material is par excellence. The books cover each and every aspect of the concept and the assignment questions given in the end will ensure that the chapter has been prepared very well

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Ramneek Kaur Mahal
2 | AIR

Rhytha Kasiraj
15 | AIR

Pranav Rai
12 | AIR

Nipun Chandra
4 | AIR

Navsheen Singhal
1 | AIR

Anjali Singhal
20 | AIR

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