Career in Medical Science has always been respected and will be respected till eternity. Now-a-days, life has been so unpredictable and uncertain, just like the global economy. It is the healthcare sector that supports the eco-system to be balanced.

While we delve deep in to the opportunity assessment, following are the key opportunities in Medicine as:

  1. MBBS/BDS (Consultant/Physician/Specialist)
  2. Clinical Process Outsourcing (CPO)
  3. Human Biology
  4. Medical Technology in Radiography
  5. Medical Tomography
  6. Medical Tourism
  7. Multipurpose Healthcare Workers
  8. Nursing (ANM/GNM)
  9. Ophthalmic Techniques (Labs/OT etc.)
  10. Paramedics
  11. Speech and Hearing Therapy
The various departments under Medicine are  as follows:

1 Anaesthesiology 22 Medicine
2 Anatomy 23 Microbiology
3 Biochemistry 24 Nephrology
4 Biomedical Engineering 25 Nuclear Medicine
5 Biophysics 26 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging
6 Biostatistics 27 Obstetrics and Gynaecology
7 Biotechnology 28 Orthopaedics
8 Cardiology 29 Otorhinolaryngology
9 Centre for Community Medicine 30 Paediatrics
10 College of Nursing 31 Paediatric Surgery
11 Dental Surgery 32 Pathology
12 Dermatology & Venereology 33 Pharmacology
13 Dietetics 34 Physiology
14 Diabetes 35 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
15 Endocrinology, Metabolism 36 Psychiatry
16 Forensic Medicine 37 Radio Diagnosis
17 Gastroenterology and Human Nutrition 38 Reproductive Biology
18 Gastrointestinal Surgery 39 Surgical Disciplines
19 Haematology 40 Transplant Immunology & Immunogenetics
20 Hospital Administration 41 Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank)
21 Laboratory Medicine 42 Urology

With the emergence of globalization, Indian market is keen to take a larger pie. To accomplish the same, India would need trained and skilled manpower and latest technology. Time has arrived for reverse the Brain Drain and come into the limelight.Medicine is such a career option that opens the floodgates of opportunities in the long run.

Quality and quantity at par are the yardsticks of excellence. We strive hard to bring in excellence for the sake of maintaining the balance between quality and quantity. We are known for providing quality coaching in tandem with quality result.

India is known for its strong medical foundation, as the percentage at which it is attracting the patients for its best medical services at cheaper cost is increasing beyond expectation. Recently, the medical tourism is also increasing at a faster race, which means, people from other foreign countries are visiting India, exclusively for medical purposes and surgeries at cost effective rates;, likewise the percentage of Indian doctors visiting other countries for helping the doctors over there in operations is also tremendously increasing.

Some of the entrance examinations, which are acting as a strong gate for enormous medical foundation in India, are AIPMT, AIIMS, AFMC, JIPMER, Manipal, MGIMS, CMC-Vellore, JK-CET, CMC-Ludhiana and UP-CPMT etc.


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