Three Year Integrated Classroom Course for Class X to XII, NEET, Olympiads & NTSE

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  • Conducted on school as well as entrance exams pattern.
  • Displayed on Centre Notice Board and also sent to the parents through SMS.
  • Provided in Science, Social Science, Maths & MAT for Class X. Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology for Class XI/XII.

Additional Benefits

  • Special Classes & Test Series - for preparation of Olympiads / Scholarship exams.
  • All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS) - for creating crystal foundation/ better preparation of Medical Entrance Exam - NEET.
  • Test Series Course - for preparation of NEET entrance exam within a short time span.
  • Model Test Papers, Home Assignments & Online Test Series- Special accessories for preparation of KVPY & HBCSE Olympiads.
  • iTutor Lab Facility - A library of video lectures from best teachers of Aakash for doubt clearance, missed out lectures and/or repeating lectures.
  • Free of cost Test Series - A special test series will start in April, 2023 for all those students who have completed their 4 years course and it will continue till 2 days before NEET exam for further strengthening their preparation without any extra charges. [An optional test series.]
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3-4 days a week for weekdays

2 days a week for weekends: Saturday & Sunday

Batch Starting On

1st week of Jan. / Last week of March / Last week of April, 2020

Batch Ending On

4th February, 2023

Class Timings

3-4 hrs for weekdays (4:00 pm - 8:00 pm)

6 hrs for weekends (8:00 am - 2:30 pm)

Tests During Course
Class X:
  • Fortnightly Subjective Tests
  • Term Exams
  • NTSE Test Series
  • Olympiad Pattern Tests
Class XI & XII:
  • Fortnightly Tests
  • Term Exams
  • Subjective Tests

Class X Studying Students

(Students studying in class IX and moving to class Xl)


Students in this course will be thoroughly prepared for School/Board Exam, NEET as well as other Medical Entrance Exams. This course is divided into three years (sessions).

Session-l (Class X)
  • In Year-l (Class X): This session will continue till October, 2020 to complete the syllabus of Class X & NTSE (Stage-I) in all respect and then the students will be free to write their NTSE (Stage-I) 2020-21 Exam. They shall then rejoin in the third week of November, 2020 and syllabus of Class XI will start and continue till 31st January, 2021 and then the students will be made free to write their class X board examination.
  • The students will then rejoin the classes in the last week of March, 2021 to continue the syllabus of Class XI.
Session-2 (Class XI)
  • In Year-2 (Class XI): The Class XI syllabus will be completed by October, 2021 & Class XII syllabus will start from November, 2021 and will continue till 31st January, 2022. Now students will be made free to write their class XI final exam.
  • The students will then rejoin in the last week of March, 2022 to continue with the syllabus of Class XII.
Session-3 (Class XII)
  • In Year-3 (Class XII): The Class XII syllabus will be completed by August, 2022.
  • Tests & Revision classes will be given till January, 2023. Then the students will be made free to write Class XII Board Examination.
  • Certain top ranking students will be given some extra Tests in December, 2022. Selection of such students shall be at the sole discretion of the management.
  • After Board Exam, Test Series will resume in April, 2023 and it will be continued till 2 days before NEET 2023 exams.
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