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JEE Main 2024 Results

JEE Main Toppers 2024 by Category, States and by Gender - JEE Main Results 2024

Get ready to mark your calendars! The much-awaited announcement of the JEE Main 2024 Result for Session 2 is set to grace us on April 25, courtesy of the National Testing Agency (NTA). As you eagerly anticipate the release, rest assured that we've got you covered with all the essential details and helpful links.

To access your scorecard swiftly, navigate to the official website where the JEE Mains Session 2 Result 2024 link will be prominently displayed. Simply head over to jeemain.nta.ac.in or ntaresults.nic.in to embark on your journey towards uncovering your achievements. The process is streamlined; just utilize your application number and password, or alternatively, your date of birth, at the JEE Mains Result login portal.

Upon gaining access, seize the opportunity to download your scorecard promptly. This document is not merely a reflection of your efforts but also a testament to your dedication. Be vigilant, for once the NTA unveils the results, it's imperative to secure your copy without delay.

Delve into your scorecard to unveil a treasure trove of information. Discover your normalized percentile scores in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, alongside your aggregate percentile score across all three subjects. Additionally, anticipate the revelation of your All India Rank and the crucial JEE Main Cutoff 2024, pivotal metrics that pave the path for your future endeavors.

Keep in mind, the determination of JEE Main Cutoff 2024 and All India Rank will factor in the best performances from both the January and April sessions. Success beckons those who surpass the threshold, as they earn the coveted opportunity to partake in the forthcoming JEE Advanced 2024 examination, a gateway to the esteemed IITs.

Armed with this knowledge, you're poised for success. Take heed of the expected cutoffs and qualifying marks for JEE Mains 2024, ensuring you're well-equipped to conquer this academic milestone. Your journey awaits, and with meticulous preparation and unwavering determination, triumph is within reach.

Checking NTA JEE Main 2024 Result: Step-by-Step Guide

To access your JEE Mains results, follow these simple steps:

Remember, the Scorecard of JEE Main 2024 will be unavailable after July 31, 2024. Ensure a hassle-free experience by following these steps to check and preserve your JEE Main 2024 results.

Information Included in JEE Main Result/Scorecard

The JEE Main results 2024 will encompass the following details:

These details provide a comprehensive overview of the candidate's performance and relevant personal information in the JEE Main examination.

JEE Main 2024 Toppers List

The authorities will release the name-wise JEE Main 2024 toppers list along with the JEE Main result 2024. In this section, JEE Main 2024 applicants will be able to check the list of JEE Main toppers. The final JEE Main toppers 2024 list will be released online and will be updated here once it is out at- jeemain.nta.nic.in.

JEE Main 2024 State-Wise Toppers List

The NTA will also release the state-wise and zone-wise topper list of JEE Main 2024. The list will be released separately for both the January and April sessions. Candidates can check the JEE Main toppers list separately by clicking on the respective sessions provided below.

JEE Main 2024 Gender-Wise Toppers List

Every year, the authorities release the gender-wise JEE Main toppers list. Candidates can check the JEE Main gender-wise toppers list provided below for both the sessions.

JEE Main Previous Year’s Toppers

Candidates can check this section for details regarding JEE Main previous year’s toppers. In the year 2021, a total of 7,200 Aakashians qualified for JEE Advanced 2021. Out of this, 5 Aakashians were ranked in the top 10 AIR, 15 got into the list of top 100 AIR, and 62 Aakashians secured a rank in the top 500 AIR. The streak of success was repeated in 2022 JEE Main results also. To know more about JEE Main Aakash’s Previous Year’s toppers, students can click on the respective links provided below.

JEE Main 2023 Toppers JEE Main 2023 - AIR Classroom Tenure
Dhruv Sanjay Jain AIR 8 4 Year Classroom | ChhattisgarhTopper
Kamyak Channa AIR 21 4 Year Classroom | Chandigarh Topper
Anoop Singh AIR 46 4 Year Classroom
Aakarsh D Reja AIR 64 4 Year Classroom | Punjab Topper
Nikhilesh Joshi AIR 89 4 Year Classroom
Aditya Neeraje AIR 125 2 Year Classroom
Mozeel Vanwani AIR 127 1 Year Classroom
Adit Jindal AIR 130 4 Year Classroom
Tanishq Mandhane AIR 165 4 Year Classroom
Shivanshu Kumar AIR 167 4 Year Classroom
Aritra Ray AIR 178 4 Year Classroom
Amritanshu Singh AIR 199 2 Year Classroom
Shreyansh Solanki AIR 203 4 Year Classroom
Vaibhav Raj AIR 209 4 Year Classroom
Kundan Maiti AIR 221 2 Year Classroom
Shiv Narang AIR 229 4 Year Classroom
Priyanka Sar AIR 243 2 Year Classroom | Odisha Topper
Md Sahil Akhtar AIR 261 4 Year Classroom
Aman Maloo AIR 264 1 Year Classroom
Amber Agarwal AIR 274 2 Year Classroom
V Mithun AIR 279 4 Year Classroom
Raktim Kundu AIR 299 2 Year Classroom
Kunal Manhas AIR 303 2 Year Classroom
Siddharth Miglani AIR 307 2 Year Classroom
Deevij Bansal AIR 316 2 Year Classroom
Saksham Singal AIR 321 3 Year Classroom
Dhruvam Parekh AIR 356 2 Year Classroom
Arijit Mandal AIR 404 4 Year Classroom
Sohel AIR 437 2 Year Classroom
Yuv Verdia AIR 468 2 Year Classroom
Mani Kaustubh Mathur AIR 487 4 Year Classroom
Laksh Goel AIR 504 2 Year Classroom
Mayank Jain AIR 519 2 Year Classroom
Gunje Manideep Ram AIR 527 4 Year Classroom
Poorvie Sadagopan AIR 532 2 Year Classroom
Deepak Charan S AIR 556 2 Year Classroom
JEE Main 2022 Toppers JEE Main 2022 - AIR Classroom Tenure
Tarun AIR 125 1 year Classroom
Ananya Rao AIR 132
2 year Classroom
Sujan Jain AIR 158 3 year Classroom
Kuldeep Sandip Thakare AIR 179 2 year Classroom
Aryaman Angurana AIR 197 2 year Classroom
Tanishka Kabra AIR 208 4 year Classroom
Anubhav Pandey AIR 284 4 year Classroom
Shreyans Garg AIR 306 3 year Classroom
Aahna Jain AIR 331 2 year Classroom
Nevish Ashok Pathe AIR 340 4 year Classroom
Anamika AIR 357 2 year Classroom
Mrigank Pawagi AIR 367 3 year Classroom
Parth Verma AIR 382 2 year Classroom
Utkarsh Lohiya AIR 425 2 year Classroom
Sahil Kumar AIR 452 3 year Classroom
Pushkar Yennawar AIR 460 2 year Classroom
Umesh Kumar AIR 467 1 year Classroom
Mridul Gupta AIR 505 4 year Classroom
Shriprathaa M AIR 508 3 year Classroom
Sambuddha Chakrabarti AIR 516 2 year Classroom
Pavitra Gupta AIR 547 2 year Classroom
Vedant Avinash Tayade AIR 551 2 year Classroom
Tasila Vinay Reddy AIR 562 1 year Classroom
Mayank Mittal AIR 573 2 year Classroom
Swathi Shree N AIR 606 2 year Classroom
Ayush Kumar AIR 614 2 year Classroom
JEE Main 2021 Toppers JEE Main 2021 - AIR Classroom Tenure
Pravar Kataria AIR 3 5 year Classroom
Anmol Arichwal AIR 9 4 year Classroom
Ranjim Prabal Das AIR 25 5 year Classroom
Goutam Das AIR 28 2 year Classroom
Vaibhav Bajaj AIR 35 5 year Classroom
Ishav Singla AIR 85 5 year Classroom
Naman Nirwan AIR 110 2 year Classroom
Rishi Kejriwal AIR 112 2 year Classroom
Sreehari C AIR 115 2 year Classroom
Rohan Anand Nafde AIR 117 2 year Classroom
Akshat Mehta AIR 120 2 year Classroom
Vinay Tayal AIR 155 2 year Classroom
Chitwan Goel AIR 155 2 year Classroom
Kyrylo Shyavam Kumar AIR 156 2 year Classroom
Bhav Khurana AIR 156 2 year Classroom
Harsh Goyal AIR 158 2 year Classroom
Kushagra Sharma AIR 158 2 year Classroom
Sriniketan Joshi AIR 161 2 year Classroom
Swati Singh AIR 162 2 year Classroom
Khushang Singla AIR 203 2 year Classroom
Shubh Chhabra AIR 211 1 year Classroom
Geetika AIR 219 2 year Classroom
Pushpraj Kumar Rai AIR 224 2 year Classroom
Tarunim Mukherjee AIR 234 2 year Classroom

Calculating JEE Main Percentile Score

JEE Main percentile scores are meticulously computed for each session as 'percentile scores of total raw scores', with precision extended up to 7 decimal places. The culmination of JEE Main percentile scores from each session results in the final score.

Here's the formula employed by NTA to calculate both the overall and subject-specific JEE Main percentile scores:

NTA JEE Main Percentile Score Calculation Formula:

This detailed formulaic approach ensures a meticulous and accurate computation of JEE Main percentile scores across various subjects for a comprehensive assessment.

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The aim of Aakash is to help students in their quest to achieve success in the highly competitive engineering entrance exam like JEE Main and JEE Advanced. We have a centralized in-house process for engineering entrance exam curriculum and content development and faculty training and monitoring, led by our National Academic Team. Over the Year, students from Aakash have shown an impeccable selection track record in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced entrance exams. We provide Classroom, Distance, and Digital courses for various engineering and medical entrance exams. Check more details about our JEE Mains Courses.

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