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Aakash JEE Courses Overview

Aakash’s Hybrid JEE courses, through integrated teaching methodology, focused learning environment and technology, provide the best of online and offline learning experience. Our expert faculty's in-depth teaching through classroom lectures, online lectures and recorded video lectures, offer unparalleled learning. JEE preparation at Aakash comprises of the highly acclaimed test series such as AIATS, SATS, SMTS. Aakash’s JEE coaching programs are tailor-made to suit every student’s needs. You can select from multiple JEE courses available for class 11th studying students to 12th passed students.

online learning

Hybrid Model

Best of online and classroom learning.
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Aakash Advantage

Expert faculty for PCM Exhaustive and in-depth study material


Test Series & Question Banks

All India Aakash Test Series, Success Magnet Test Series & Question Bank


Exclusive Access

iTutor Lab Facility

Available Courses

Two Year Integrated Hybrid Course for JEE (Main & Advanced)

For 11th Studying Students

Power Step Hybrid Course for JEE (Main & Advanced)

For 12th Passed Students

Regular Hybrid Course for JEE (Main)

For 12th Passed Students

Crash-Cum-Repeater Hybrid Course for JEE (2020-21) (Main & Advanced)

For 12th Passed Students


Frequently Asked Questions

How to enrol in Aakash JEE courses?

There are multiple ways to secure an admission in JEE Aakash courses. You can get Direct Admission on the basis of marks / grades obtained in the previous class or through various scholarship exams like ACST / ANTHE / NEST / ACST / iACST.

What is the eligibility criteria for Aakash JEE courses?

Aakash JEE courses are open for students studying in class 11th, 12th or 12th passed students.

What is Aakash HYBRID?

Aakash HYBRID courses are coaching programs crafted to enable uninterrupted learning in the new normal. In the view of COVID-19 situation and the related safety concerns, HYBRID courses combine the best of online and offline learning. With live online lectures and classroom interactions at the branch, students get to prepare for JEE without compromising on health and safety.

Which Test Series and Question Banks are provided in Aakash JEE courses?

There are several test series such as All India Aakash Test Series, Success Magnet Test Series, Success Achiever Test Series, Final Test Series, Success Magnet Question Bank and Success Achiever Question Bank that are part of various Aakash JEE coaching courses. In addition to this Fortnightly Tests and Term Exams are conducted regularly.

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