Industrial revolution succeeded by materialistic developments that we witness around, is the repercussion of engineering. This discipline is extremely broad, and encompasses a range of more specialised fields with multi-dimensional scope integrated with inter-disciplinary applications. Now days, the scope for different branches has been multiplied several times. With increasing number of branches, sub-branches and technological advancements in engineering, a range of scope has been emerging every day.

1. Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineering: Aeronautical engineers are in great demand due to boom in aviation industry.
2. Agricultural Engineering: This branch has limited scope of employment because of the dwindling interest in agriculture.
3. Automobile Engineering: With the increasing number of vehicles, this branch of engineering offers employment in bulk.
4. Biomedical Engineering: With healthcare industry on boom, Bio-medical engineers are in high demand because of the increasing application of medical devices like MRIs and EEGs, etc. 
5. Ceramic Engineering: Ceramics are formed between inorganic and nonmetallic elements. Ceramics are helping computers and other electronic devices operate, improving people’s health in various ways and protecting soldiers during combat.
6. Chemical Engineering: With industrialized economy, chemical engineers have multi- scope for making available the modern high-quality materials.
7. Civil Engineering: Civil engineers are always in great demand in every field of construction such as power plants, bridges, roads, railways, transportation and traffic.
8. Computer Science Engineering: Multidimensional scope in software firms, research opportunities in computer robotics and in communication systems and outsourcing.   
9. Electrical Engineering: This is one of the core branches of engineering that offers vast scope of employment in public as well as private sectors.
10. Electronic & Communication Engineering: A relatively new branch of engineering having scope in public as well as private sectors with varied application.
11. Environmental Engineering: With the rising rate of pollution environmental engineers are in great demand to control water and air pollution, conduct recycling and waste disposal.
12. Geomatic Engineering: A rapidly developing discipline focuses on spatial information. Geomatics engineers manage local, regional, national and global spatial data infrastructures. It’s a booming branch of engineering.
13. Industrial Engineering: This branch has opportunities in abundance like mechanical engineering in various industries.
14. Information Technology (IT): IT is the new format of Computer Engineering. It offers positions like database administrator, webmaster, programmer and company analyst.
15. Instrumentation Engineering: This branch has limited scope in public as well as private sectors offering instrument engineers and technicians handful of job opportunities.
16. Marine Engineering: Marine Engineers are the members of a ship's crew that operates and maintain the propulsion and other systems onboard the vessel. They are in average demand.
17. Mechanical Engineering: This is an ever green branch of engineering. Mechanical engineers are required in every sphere of life.  
18. Mining Engineering: Mining engineers are associated with the mitigation of damage or changes to an environment as a result of production and processing. They have several job opportunities.
19. Nuclear Engineering: Nuclear engineers are specifically involved in nuclear reactors, nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons. It also offers an array of opportunities.
20. Ocean Engineering: Ocean engineering offers limited scope in submarines, which is common to the entire ocean including waves, seawater, and hydrostatic pressure.
21. Petroleum Engineering: It focuses primarily on exploration and production of Oil and Gas. The principle of engineering sciences for the recovery development and processing of petroleum.
22. Software Engineering: With the rise in the use of computer everywhere, software engineers are in great demand because of diverse usage of computer.
23. Systems Engineering: Systems engineering integrates other disciplines and specialty groups into a team effort. This is in great demand because of its integrating features.
24. Telecommunication Engineering: This sector involves the telephone, computer, radio system, satellite communications, earth stations and cellular phones industries.
25. Textile Engineering: Textile engineers are in great demand in export houses and textile manufacturing units.

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