Do’s and Don'ts to Crack NEET

The countdown for NEET for medical college admissions has begun. With just one month left for the competitive entrance exam, students are fighting tooth and nail to crack NEET to pursue medical courses in top-notch institutes across the country. So, if it is your dream to bag a seat in one of these prestigious institutions in the country, then it is mandatory to perform exceedingly well in the NEET, which is scheduled in May 2017.

With just one month left for the NEET, it is expected of students to have finished their concept-building phase and have mastered all areas of the competitive test. In order to give the best shot, students need to implement the right technique. The best way is to revise all the concepts and attempt multiple mock test papers to evaluate the preparedness for the final exam. Below are some of the do’s and don'ts that can help aspirants to crack the competitive exam.

DO’s :

Have faith in yourself: Trust yourself during whole process of preparation and avoid comparing with peers and their results.

Create a feasible time table: In order to rev up preparations in the best possible manner it is imperative to devise a time table and allocate adequate amount of time to revise each and every subject. Stick to the timetable and jot down important points and give sufficient time to tackle your weak areas. Include mock tests in your timetable, which is mandatory at this time. Ensure that you have incorporated timely breaks in your schedule, which is essential to enhance concentration levels.

Maintain a formula and key concept diary: Compiling important formula and concepts in a separate diary will act as a catalyst in the process of strengthening your basic understanding of the subject.

Pay attention to weak and strong areas: This is the right time to assess your preparation levels for NEET and allocate adequate time to tackle those areas where you face difficulty. By this time, you may have a fair idea about the kind of questions to be expected in the exam. Pay attention to weaker segments and solve as many test papers as possible to crack those difficult portions. Do not neglect the stronger sections and revise lessons regularly.

Join the mock test series: The more variety of problems students are exposed to before the actual exam, the more is the likelihood to crack a similar problem asked in the actual exam. Mock tests are therefore one of the best and most unavoidable forms of practice methods to be incorporated until the exams are over. Doing mock tests will help to strengthen preparation methods and build confidence levels. Students will be able to analyze their scores and reduce silly errors as well. Mock tests will also help students to evaluate the time spent on each section.

Do miracle with the 5 R’s Strategies: 5R’s strategy stands for Reading, Remember, Revision, Review & finally you get your cup of tea, i.e. Result. It is a sequential & verified step to crack ‘NEET 2017’ with good rank.

Spare time for mental and physical exercises: Exams can cause a lot of stress and anxiety amongst students. The more the stress, the more students are prone to feel demotivated. Excessive stress can cause anxiety in students. Therefore, every student should spare some time to practice mental and physical exercises that include yoga and meditation. These exercises will improve concentration levels and will keep stress at bay.

Avoid sleep deprivation: To optimize the efficiency level of mind, sound sleep is a key parameter, thus follow 6-8 hrs of sleep and adhere with this by keeping stress at bay.

Now that students have learnt what needs to be followed to prepare for the exams, there are certain things that you should avoid as well.

DON’Ts :

Do not learn new techniques and shortcuts: This is the time to be utilized for practice and more practice. Do not try to learn new techniques or incorporate shortcuts in this short span of time which can lead to confusion. Instead, utilize this time to strengthen what you have already learned.

Do not procrastinate: Procrastination can be your biggest enemy on the path to success. Follow the schedule as mentioned in your timetable. Putting off your preparation for a later time can result in stress and a sense of guilt is bound to arise in the future. Therefore, it is advised not to waste time and not postpone the required preparation. Abide by your timetable for fruitful results.

Do not lose confidence: At times, due to poor scores secured in a mock test, students are bound to lose confidence. However, it is important not to panic. This may have a negative effect on the preparation and performance. Every student should give their best shot without worrying about the final results.


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