Student's Career

Now-a-days, choosing a right career option has become a daunting task. With plethora of options to choose from, students are often baffled about which field to opt for. However, it is the decision you make that may determine your destiny. One should, thus, gauge one’s aptitude and interest for the course before making any decision. Only a right decision fosters a bright future and gives meaning to our lives.

Career Coach
Aakash is the place where aspirations may meet with reality. As of March 31, 2018 Aakash coaches over 190,000 students and helps them in pursuing their dream. We associate our brand “Aakash” with quality teaching and a consistent student selection track record, particularly for our medical and engineering entrance examination preparatory courses. With diverse courses to choose from the field of medical and engineering, we offer courses that aim to meet the needs of aspiring students and motivate them to work hard and secure good ranks.

Strategic Teaching-cum-Counselling

Our qualified and trained faculty not only aims at providing effective teaching methodology but also sharing an insight on available career options and their scope. Some tips based on the experience of our eminent career counsellors are given below, which may help students to make a relatively better career choice because a right career choice may determine the destiny of the students.

  1. Check on the aspirations you have set for yourself
  2. Strengthen your academic background
  3. Access the opportunity available to you
  4. Research well about the available career options
  5. Make a Career Progression Plan

Our success record and teaching methodology has helped a number of students crack various exams.

Ultimate Success

Several students in the country aspire to become doctors and engineers but only a few of them are able to achieve their goal. Do you know why? We believe that lack of proper guidance despite having required potential is one of the major reasons why students are not able to achieve success. Aakash aims at ultimate success by providing guidance at an early stage. It aims to prepare students so that they are able to crack the entrance test successfully.


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