BY Team Aakash Byju's

World Tuna Day 2022: Why Conservation of Tuna Matters.

World Tuna Day is a global celebration that was first observed in 2017.

It was started by the United Nations (UN) on May 2 to spread the word about the importance of tuna.

In this awareness campaign, the experts will also stress on effective and sustainable fishing practices.

Along with bringing awareness about the fishing practices, they spread the word about preserving the tuna stock.

Why stress upon tuna fish will be an obvious question? We will tell you why.

It is a fact that a large percentage of people throughout the globe depend on tuna.

The dependency may be either as a food source, nutrition source or both.

And, more than 80 countries are also dependent on tuna since they are the cultivators.

So, it becomes important to guide and support this huge audience. And, it is happening on World Tuna Day.