What are the Various Control and Coordination Movements in Plants

BY Team Aakash Byju's

Coordination: Coordination is the capability to use various organs of the plant together simply and  effectively.

- Plants and animals react to various stimuli around them.  - But the type of responding to stimuli is different.

Plants  respond to various stimuli like light, heat , water, touch, pressure, chemicals, gravity etc.

Phytohormones : Hormones present in plants are known as phytohormones or plant hormones.

- Phytohormones are responsible for coordinating movements in plants.  - These phytohormones coordinate the activities of plants by controlling other aspects.

Phototropism:  Photo means light and tropism means movement. This is known as phototropism. Example: Sunflower plant.

Different coordinating movements in plants

- Geo means earth and tropism means movement.  - Root of the plant always grows  downwards.  - The  response of plant roots towards gravitational force is called geotropism.


- Root of the plant always grows towards the water.  - This  type of response of plant roots to  water is called hydro tropism.  - Hydro means water tropism means movement.

Thigmotropism:  - Tendrils of creepers grow towards support. - This type of response is called Thigmotropism .

Chemotropism:  Movement of pollen tube towards the chemicals secreted by stigma is called chemotropism.