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Unit-Wise Important Topics for CBSE Class 12 Biology Exam 2022

CBSE Class 12 Biology Term 2 Exam has two papers: - A theoretical paper  - A practical paper

 A theoretical paper carries a total of 35 marks and a practical paper carries a total of 15 marks. Together you will be writing the exam for 50 marks.

 There are 3 major units in the Term 2 exam for Biology and they are: – Biology and Human     Welfare – Biotechnology and its     Applications Ecology and Environment

 Let us see the important chapters under each unit and the marks they carry in the exam.

Chapters like ‘Human Health & Disease’ and ‘Microbes in Human Welfare’ come under the first unit and they carry a total of 14 marks.

Chapters under the second unit are ‘Biotechnology: Principles & Processes’ and ‘Biotechnology & its Applications’. These chapters weigh a total of 11 marks.

‘Organisms & Population’ and ‘Biodiversity & its Conservation’ are the chapters under unit 3. They carry the remaining 10 marks.

Practicals have one major experiment that carries 4 marks and a minor experiment that carries 3 marks.

You will have to spot 3 specimens and write about them to score a total of 3 marks.


Your practical record and your answers on the viva will help you score the last 5 marks in the exam.

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