State-Wise Seat MBBS Matrix in Private Colleges in India

By Team Aakash Byju's

Before you plan ahead with medical as your career,  you should know the state-wise seat Matrix for MBBS in private colleges.

We have around 612 medical colleges in India out of which 91927 seats are reserved for MBBS.

There are 246 Private MBBS colleges in our country that hold around 37103 seats in total.

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Let’s check out state-wise seat for MBBS Matrix in private colleges in India.

Haryana -950 Punjab- 950 Jammu kashmir -100 Himachal pradesh -150

West Bengal-850 Tripura-100 Rajasthan-2955 Gujarat-4100

Odisha-750 Chattisgarh-650 Telangana-3200 Jharkhand-150

Puducherry-1250 Tamil Nadu-4650 Andhra Pradesh-2850 Kerala-2700

Karnataka-6845 Madhya Pradesh-1650 Maharashtra-4870