State-Wise Seat BDS Matrix in Govt. Colleges in India

By Team Aakash Byju's

Like most of the students, if you too are concerned about the number of BDS seats in India available through NEET, we have got you covered.

We have around 317 colleges in India out of which 27262 seats are reserved for BDS.

There are 49 government BDS colleges in our country that hold around 3255 BDS seats.

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Let’s check out the state-wise seat for BDS Matrix in government colleges in India.

Jammu & Kashmir-126 Himachal Pradesh-75 Punjab-80 Haryana-100

Delhi 162 Chandigarh-100 Gujarat-250 Rajasthan-40

Assam-176 Uttar Pradesh-190 Bihar-40 Manipur -100

West Bengal-250 Odisha-50 Madhya Pradesh-50 Maharashtra-326

Goa-50 Karnataka-160 Kerala-300 Tamil Nadu-200

Andhra Pradesh-140 Puducherry -40 Jharkhand-50 Telangana-100 Chattisgarh-100