By Team Aakash Byju's

Famous Indian Mathematicians and Their Contribution

He worked on “Brahmasphutasiddanta”, “Khandakhadyaka”, “Grahanarkajnana” and “Zero” was invented by Brahmagupta, it means nothing in the real world.

Brahmagupta, Bhinmal(Rajasthan)

The magic number introduced by Ramanujan is 1729, which is the smallest number and also Ramanujan discovered continued fractions, a series of Ramanujan-Sato, etc.

Srinivasa Ramanujan, Tamilnadu

He discovered phonemic numbers and then worked on square and cube roots, geometric properties and mensuration, and he gave “Aryabhatiya”.

Aryabhatta, Pataliputra

He is an Indian- American mathematician and He is known for score tests, Cramer-Rao bound and orthogonal arrays, etc.

C R Rao, Hadagalli(Bellary)

In India, the “Father of modern statistics” has been considered to be P C Mahalanobis, and he introduced Mahalanobis distance, etc.

P C Mahalanobis, West Bengal

He worked on a trigonometric survey and he calculated the height of “Mount Everest” for the first time.

Radhanath Sikdar,  West Bengal,

He was well known for his work approximation formula of sine, and his contribution was greater in numbers as he gave positions to numbers.

Bhaskara 1 7th-century mathematician

Devanagiri, He works on maxima and minima problems and he was well known for his ability to calculate, he was very quick with the calculation.

Ramachundra, Devanagiri

He introduced many topics to us like Paul Dirac which was earlier called Bose statistic and Bose condensate and many more.

Sathyendra Nath Bose, Calcutta