BY Team Aakash Byjus

International Museum Day: 12 Famous Museums  You Can Tour Now

Below is the list of  few museums which are amazing:

Museums are really an essential issue of cultural interchange, enrichment of civilizations and growth of mutual trust, friendship, and peace between people.

The activities and events organised to recognize IMD usually last a workday, a weekend, or even a whole week and are held on 18th of May yearly.

 Delhi National Museum was built in 1949 and it has famous rulers' utility items like paintings, ornaments, arts, manuscripts, trains and also Buddha statues.

Kolkata's Indian Museum has a remarkable collection of Mughal art, skeletons, armours and jewellery and it's among the world's oldest museums.

Museum of Salar Jung is an art gallery in Hyderabad that displays a variety of paintings, metallic objects, textiles, clocks and sculptures from nations such as Egypt, Burma, India, etc.

CSM Vastu Sangrahalaya is a Bombay museum; earlier it was named Prince Wales; approximately, 50,000 artefacts are kept inside the museum.

The Delhi Doll Museum is the best museum in India for children to visit. The diverse exhibits from other countries can captivate both children and adults.

 One among India's top archaeological museums in Ahmedabad, the complexities of town design in that age, as well as the mastery of different operators for those towns, are more fascinating.

Nagarjuna Konda museum of the island is shaped like a Buddhist vihara and showcases Buddhist culture.

There is an earring and tooth in their collection that are thought to belong to Gautama Buddha.

Pondicherry toy museum has got a name from Jawaharlal Nehru's fondness for children. It contains dolls and toys from many Indian states dressed in traditional attire.

Hope this helps. All the best.