Students should thoroughly practice questions from the important topics in the Mathematics Term 2 Syllabus to score well.

There are 3 major units for the Term 2 exams: – Calculus – Vectors and Three -      Dimensional Geometry  – Probability

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Integrals and evaluation of definite integrals are important topics in unit Calculus.

In Application of the Integrals, learn to find the area under simple curves, lines, parabolas, area of circles/ellipses.

A few more important concepts are - Definition of Differential Equations (DE), order & degree of DE, general & particular solutions of DE and solutions of DE by separation of variables.

Differential Equations

Solutions of homogeneous differential equations of 1st order and 1st degree of the type:

Solutions of linear differential equation of the type:

In the second unit, learn vectors & scalars, magnitude & direction of vectors and types of vectors.

Also, study position vector of a point, negative of a vector, components of a vector, addition of vectors and multiplication of a vector by a scalar.

You need to learn the properties and application of the scalar (dot) product of vectors and vector (cross) product of vectors.

In 3-D Geometry, you need to study direction cosines and direction ratios of a line joining two points and cartesian equation & vector equation of a line and of a plane.

Also, study coplanar and skew lines, the shortest distance between two lines and the distance of a point from a plane.

In the last unit, Conditional probability, multiplication theorem, independent events, total probability, Bayes’ theorem, Random variable & its probability distribution are important.

These are important topics for the Term 2 exam, let your friends too know these.