How to Prepare for Jee Advanced 2022 at Home

By Team Aakash Byju's

Who can offer you better tips on how to prepare for JEE Advanced 2022 than those who have already cracked IIT JEE earlier?

So, what do most successful IITians suggest when it comes to preparing for JEE Advanced 2022 at home?


NCERT books are your best bet when it comes to gearing up for JEE Advanced 2022 exam at home.


Try to make studies fun and interesting through smart approaches and real life examples.


Besides studying NCERT books, you can focus on RD Sharma, HC Verma, and other authors too.


Create a study time-table that gives equal importance to all the subjects.


Revision is a must. It ensures that the important concepts as well as your doubts are clear.


The internet has opened a plethora of options to access PYQs, mock tests and doubt clearing sessions. 


Aakash Byju's allows you to attend live online classes from the comfort of your home.


Added advantage? You can access the recording of these live classes and replay it whenever required.


You can assess your level of preparation by practicing mock tests papers and previous year question papers from Aakash Byju's.

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