BY Team Aakash Byjus

How to Calculate JEE Mains 2022 Rank from Percentile

Before getting into the calculation part, the students must know that the ranks are calculated based on the best score out of all the attempts.

Even though the students cannot know the exact rank, their approximate JEE Main rank can be calculated.

It includes the total number of students appeared for the exam (N), your score (P), % of students below/equal to your marks (P), % of students above your marks (100-P) and no. of students above your marks  (((100 – P)/100)*N).

To calculate the rank, you must know the following numbers:

The formula to calculate JEE Main 2022 rankings is [(100 – P)/100]*N + 1

The rank appearing from the above formula is the approximate All India Rank (AIR) of JEE Main.