Guess the Rarest Rhino Species That Are Endangered in the World

By Team Aakash BYJU'S

Wildlife species are witnessing a massive decline in its population and Rhinos are one among them.

Can you guess these species of Rhino that are slowly getting extinct?

These  rhinos are the world's rarest animal species and are less than 75 of them left.

Javan Rhino

These rhinos are two horned and are the second most endangered, having fewer than 80 in number as of now.

Sumantran Rhino

These rhinos are also known as Indian Rhinos and 14 of them are lost during heavy floods in Kaziranga National Park.

Greater one-horned Rhino

These reduced by 98% to merely 2,500 and are hunted for horns for medicines and decorative purposes.

Black Rhinos

These rhinos are found in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya. Almost 18,000 of them are left.

White Rhino