By Team Aakash Byju's

Explained: Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance in Biology

– Law of Dominance – Law of Independent    Assortment – Law of Segregation

According Mendel's laws, The  Laws of Inheritance, are as follows: 

The law of dominance states that hybrid children will only inherit the dominant trait in the phenotype. It is also called Mendel’s First Law of inheritance.

Law of Dominance

The Repressed alleles are known as recessive characteristics.  The alleles that define the phenotype are known as Dominant traits.

According to this law, two copies of each hereditary factor segregate during gamete formation, so that offspring inherit one element from each parent.

Law of Segregation

 According to this law a pair of characteristics segregates independently of another pair during gamete development.

Law of Independent Assortment