By Team Aakash Byju's

List Of Carbon Compounds Used In Everyday Life

Have you ever thought that  the pencil you use every day is made up of carbon? Yes, it is one of the carbon compounds.

The graphite, which is an allotrope of carbon, is used as a lead in the pencil.

Sugar which is chemically known as Sucrose is a carbon compound that is an important part of cooking in daily life.

A chalk piece used to write on a blackboard is a product of Calcium carbonate.

The moth balls used in bathrooms for the pleasant smell are nothing but 1,4-dichlorobenzene.

Ethanol is a type of alcoholic drink. Also, the baking powder used in cooking is a compound called Sodium bicarbonate.

Esters are the type of chemical compounds helpful in producing soaps. It is used for washing vessels, clothes and bathing.

The preservative used in cooking, vinegar, is nothing but Acetic acid or Ethanoic acid.

The carbon compound available in the form of hydrocarbons is the most crucial compound for all living systems.