CBSE Class 12 Maths: Important Topics and Chapters for Final Exams

BY Team Aakash Byju's

- Every student should review previous papers and plan accordingly.  - Here are a few chapters and topics on which students should focus

Relations and functions

- Invertible functions. - Types of relations. - Composition of two functions. - Equivalence relation. - Problems on domain and ranges.


- Adjoint and inverse of matrix. - Problems on system of linear equation. - Determinant properties.

 Inverse Trigonometry

- Properties of inverse. - Trigonometry. - Domain and ranges of functions.


- Method of substitution. - Partial fractions. - Properties of definite integrals. - Definite integrals as limit of sum. - Integration parts.

Matrices is the easy chapter one can score more marks. - Symmetric, skew    symmetric matrices. - Inverse matrix. - Matrix multiplications and    its properties.


- Bayes theorem. - Multiplication theorem. - Random variable, its probability distribution. - Binomial distribution. - Mean and variance of random variable.

Vector algebra and differential equations

- Scalar product. - Projection of vector of line. - Vector Products.

Application of derivatives

- Application of maxima and minima. - Tangents and normal of curve. - Rate of change of quantities. - Increase, decrease of functions.

Continuity and  Differentiability

- 2nd order derivatives. - Logarithmic differentiations. - Functions in parametric form. - Function continuity. - Graphs of various functions. - Theorems like mean value, role's Theorem.