CBSE Class 10th Deleted Syllabus for Upcoming Term 2 Exams 2022

BY Team Aakash Byjus

While preparing for the Class 10 exam, it becomes quite important to know the revised syllabus. 

It helps you study the right syllabus and ignore the deleted portion.

CBSE Maths Class 10 Deleted Syllabus:  - Euclid’s Division Lemma - Statement and easy     problems on Division     Algorithms for    Polynomials     with Real Coefficients - Cross Multiplication    Method

Some more deleted topics are: - Situational problems     based on Equations     Reducible to Quadratic     Equations -  Area of a Triangle -  Frustum of a Cone

Some more deleted topics are: - Applications in solving    day-to-day problems    based on the Sum to n    terms - Construction of a    Triangle similar to a    given Triangle

Deleted topics from Science:  - Basic Metallurgical    Processes - Corrosion and its    Prevention - Control and    Coordination in Animals    and Plants - Basic concepts of    Evolution

Some more deleted topics are: - Difference between    Saturated Hydrocarbons    and Unsaturated    Hydrocarbons. - Nomenclature of Carbon    Compounds containing    Functional Groups 

Some more deleted chapters include  - Sources of Energy - Functioning of a Lens in    the Human Eye - Defects of Vision and    their Corrections

Deleted topics from Social Science: - Everyday Life, Culture    and Politics - Print Culture and the    Modern World - Forest and Wildlife - Democracy and Diversity

Some more deleted topics are: - Gender, Religion and    Caste - Popular Struggles and    Movements - Challenges to Democracy - Mineral and Energy    Resources