By Team Aakash Byju's

What Is Population Interaction? Explained With Examples

Are you the only person on Earth? Obviously not! You always have a lot of people around you!

Similarly, if you look at the population of other organisms, you will observe a lot of them are coexisting. None of the living things on this planet can live by themselves.

This interaction between populations gives rise to population interaction. Let us learn further.

Can you see “The tiger and lion are fighting for the same food?” this is called Competition.

In this video you can see that wolve is hunting moose for its food and survival, this is termed as Predation.

You can see that organisms often change their structural characteristics, to blend in with their environment. This process is known as Camouflage.

There is a relationship between two organisms and they display stereotypical behaviours. This is known as Symbiosis.

Symbiosis is further classified into three types:

- Mutualism - Commensalism - Parasitism

Mutualism: When both species benefit.  Ex: Termites and Flagellates.

Commensalism: When one species benefits without harming the other. Ex: Pilot fish and shark.

Parasitism: When one species benefits by harming the other. Ex: Fleas that live on dogs.