Benefits Of Online Learning During COVID

BY Team Aakash Byju's

Online learning benefits students, teachers, tutors, etc., in number of ways.

Here are some of the benefits of online learning.

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The best way to curb the spread of pandemic is to stay at home, online classes ensure teachers, students to stay safe in home.

Time and cost saving as there is no need to commute to school or college.

Every class is recorded in online mode so that students can go through it if required, but it is not the same in the case of offline mode.

Students have the option of interacting with many tutors online.

Parents can spend quality time with their kids so that they can understand their child's position regarding their performance.

Parents get to focus more on nutritional needs of their kids at home ensuring that the students are healthy.

Learning concepts with videos, pictures, and animations make students understand more easily and quickly, and they can't be forgotten easily.

By using every technology, there are pros and cons. Students should be monitored and guided to overcome these effects by using this technology.