By Team Aakash Byju's

Aakash BYJU’S Students Top International Olympiad 2022

Aakash students Amritansh Nigam , Prachi Jindal and Tanishka Kabra have made everyone proud by winning Silver medal at IBO  IChO 2022 exam.

The 33rd International Biology Olympiad 2022 was held at Yerevan, America, in an offline mode from 10th to 18th July.

Based on the qualifier exam - IOQB Part II, Amritansh and Prachi were shortlisted to present India in the IBO 2022.

While another Aakash BYJU’S student, Tanishka kabra,  won silver medal  in chemistry for her incredible performance.

This year, the Indian team has won 4 medals (1 Gold and 3 Silver) in the International Biology Olympiad 2022.

Aakash BYJU’S is conducting Olympiad workshops where our mentors will guide students about how to crack the Olympiads.