BY Team Aakash Byju's

12 Most Beautiful Migratory Birds That Visit India Every Year

‘World Migratory Day’ is celebrated on the second Saturday of May and the second Saturday of October every year.

World Migratory Birds day is celebrated to tell the whole world about the need to conserve migratory birds.

Here are the 12 most beautiful migratory birds that visit India every year.

Greater Flamingo 

The number of this Flamingo species is more than any other Flamingo species.

Siberian Cranes

This species travels the longest distance among the other cranes.

 Amur Falcon

These birds are found near Doyang Lake, Nagaland.

This crane species is the smallest among cranes.

Demoiselle Crane

These beautiful birds are found in Rajasthan during winters.


This migratory bird eats locusts that spoil the crops.

Rosy Starling

These birds are known to fly the highest in the world.

 Bar-Headed Goose

This bird is usually found near reservoirs and lakes.

Ruddy Shelduck

These are rare birds that migrate to Nalsarovar  every year.


Great White Pelican

This species migrates to India and settles down in Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

These birds settle down near lakes where the fishes are in abundance.

Rosy Pelican 

This bird is not completely but partial migratory.

 Asian Koel