BY Team Aakash Byju's

10 Essential Exam Preparation Tips for Class 8 Students

Class 8 examinations are fast approaching, and students have already started to panic.

Fear not! Follow these 10 essential examination preparation tips for relaxed studying.

Have a well-planned timetable to thoroughly prepare for all the subjects.

Know the syllabus well to understand what are the easy and difficult topics.

 List down the important concepts & formulae of every chapter – for quick reference and last-minute revision.

 In case of any doubts, immediately get them cleared by the teachers.

 One of the best ways to deal with doubts is by self-study as it will improve your research skills and knowledge about the concept.

Regular breaks help in better focus & concentration for exam preparation.

 Invest more time on concepts that are challenging.

Writing helps in better understanding of the concepts, and they stick for long in your brains.

 Another important exam preparation tip is to solve previous year exam papers.

Every subject requires a particular kind of preparation. So, plan accordingly.