10 Effective Tips for the JEE Main 2022 Preparation at Home

BY Team Aakash Byju's

The students must build a strong foundation. Therefore, studying from NCERT books is the first step.

Once the syllabus is covered, try to refer to as many other books as possible from the best authors and publications.

Nowadays, students are finding it easy to browse through the web and prepare for competitive exams like JEE Main. One may make use of the opportunity.

Students have to study every day and revise regularly to sink into the concepts well.

JEE aspirants must solve previous years question papers and take up mock tests.

Throwing away anxiety and developing positive thoughts is the key. Doing so helps students in preparing and doing well in the exam.

At home, students can easily get distracted and become lazy. It is critical to be aware of the goal and stay focused at all times.

To crack the JEE Main 2022 with a good ranking, students must create a balance between their studies and other daily activities.

Take small steps at a time. Take up a single concept at a time and try solving them.

If you are stuck/ in doubt, take help from the experts like teachers, tutors, parents and the internet to get clarified.