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Prepare Well Prepare Best for Boards in 7 Steps

With just a few weeks to board exams, this is the time of extreme pressure. It cannot be denied that board exams serve as a catalyst for a successful career ahead. Not only the board exam result help in securing admission in the top notch colleges but is also a matter of great respect. Students need to, thus, buckle up and engage in focused study. With a number of questions hovering over their mind, how to prepare best for the boards seem to top the list. Scrolling down you can find constructive ways to boost your preparation and prepare best for your boards.

1. Study strategically

In order to prepare well for your boards, it is imperative that you study strategically for the same. Try to prioritise your subjects. Take those subjects first which you are not so good with. Apart from that, work on your weaknesses. Your pre boards would have definitely given you an insight into your weak areas, mistakes committed etc. So work on the same and improve upon it. In addition, with just a few weeks left, it is important to pay attention to chapters that are of more weightage.

2. Practice well

With board exams just a month away, it is essential that you practice from the mock tests, sample papers and previous year papers as much as possible. Solving mock tests regularly will not only improve your speed and accuracy but also make you confident of your preparation. It will also familiarise you with the exam pattern and aid in better time management during the exam.

3. Alternate between subjects

Do not study the same subject for long. Try to mix the subjects and make sure that you include at least three subjects in a day. You can juggle a theoretical subject like Biology with problem solving subject like Mathematics or Physics etc. This will not only keep your brain active but also help it retain what is learnt in a better way. Switching subjects is definitely a sure shot way to prepare the right way for your exam.

4. Disconnect from social media

If you are still using your Instagram or Facebook or Whats App, it is time that you get rid of these distractions. Social media can adversely affect your learning and cost you your future. This is the time to focus on your preparation and how to prepare best for your boards. It is, thus, advisable to disconnect from social media and concentrate only on your preparation.

5. Keep anxiety at bay

More often than not, students do get jitters and get anxious before the exam owing to the pressure to perform. It is important to keep anxious thoughts at bay and not let them interfere with your learning. If you are also experiencing similar thoughts, try to divert your mind by indulging in your favourite activity. You can also do meditation, yoga or simply take a walk in the park.

6. Take frequent breaks

If you are studying for hours at a stretch then stop doing it now. Instead of studying for long hours, divide it into slots. Take 5 minutes break in between these slots. Giving your mind regular breaks will not only keep it active but also help process the information you have learnt. It will make your learning effective and increase your retention power.

7. Study when your brain is most productive

While some students prefer morning study, there are others who learn better during late night hours. It is, thus, imperative that you understand which time is the most conducive to your learning. You can devote these crucial hours to the subjects or chapters you face difficulty in as it would aid in better learning.

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