Wednesday , October 17 2018
Learning hacks to Master Chemistry

Learning Hacks to Master Chemistry

Chemistry is the scientific discipline involved with compounds of atoms, i.e. elements and molecules. In the scope of its subject, Chemistry occupies an intermediate position between physics and biology. It is often known as the central science because it provides a strong foundation for understanding both basic and applied scientific disciplines at a fundamental level. The only way you can master Chemistry is by making your concepts crystal clear. Supposedly, if you are a medical …

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Study Tips for Monsoon

Tips to Make the Most of Your Study Time When It’s Raining Outside

Monsoon – it’s that time of the year again! Grey skies, heavy rains, slippery streets and late transport, the monsoon brings havoc in our normal life with so many problems. Students are among the ones who face lots of problems due to thunderstorms and downpour. It not just hampers their coaching classes but also spoils their complete schedule for preparation of competitive exams like NEET and JEE. Students have to miss classes and stay at home …

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NEET 2019 Preparation Tips for Repeaters

Second Attempt to Crack JEE? Check Tips to Ace JEE 2019 Here!

Getting into a prominent and well-recognized engineering college is a vision that each student has, but only a few students reach their goal. From deciding to pursue engineering to preparing for JEE, taking the exam and qualifying it to get admission in one of the IITs, this is a long journey for each student. Millions of students apply for JEE and attempt the examination each year. And, out of which only 10% get close to …

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NEET 2019: Know all about the exam

NEET 2019: Know all About the Exam

NEET 2019 (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) will be organized by the NTA (National testing agency) this year which was earlier held by CBSE, twice in a year in the online mode. It is the only national-level medical entrance exam that provides admission in MBBS, BDS & Ayush courses offered by all India Medical Colleges. NEET 2019 first exam will be held between 03 Feb 2019 and 17 Feb 2019. The second exam will be …

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Computer Based JEE Main Exam

Useful Tips to Prepare for New Computer Based JEE Exam Pattern

CBSE has been discharged from competitive examination accountabilities and the newly formed National Testing Agency (NTA) has taken the charge of entrance exams like NEET, JEE Main, NET etc. Now NEET and JEE Main will be conducted online twice a year for one admission process. As per the latest announcement, the entrance exams will now be conducted purely in the online format to protect and secure them from being leaked. Examinations will be student-friendly most …

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NEET 2019

Useful Tips to Prepare for New Computer Based NEET Exam Pattern

With India transcending through the digital world and the number of entrance exams increasing every year, it is not surprising that some of the biggest entrance examinations are now conducted online. Two new exams that will now be conducted purely in online format are JEE and NEET; two major engineering and medical entrance exams in the country. National Testing Agency (NTA) recently announced a huge change in NEET and JEE Mains exam pattern. As per …

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Tips to help your child deal with exam

Top 5 tips to help your Child deal with Exam Stress

From seeking admission in the best possible school to getting the best grades to choosing the right career path by appearing for the best board, medical or engineering entrance exam coaching, parents and kids these days are under tremendous pressure. The different boards of education across the globe, from CBSE to GCSE, they all can be nightmarish for parents as well as kids. The most challenging part of the school life for both parents and …

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Learning Through Digital Mediums

5 Reasons Why Students Like to Learn Through Digital Mediums

Conventional education has always been a major way of attaining knowledge. Historically, the primary educational technique of traditional education was simple, Oral recitation. Later on, it arrived at terms with, Writing. So that, the future generations could study about the past events and about their ancestors accurately. Typically, the traditional approach was that students sat quietly at their places and listened to teachers reciting lessons until each had been called upon to ask questions, solve …

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Study Tips to crack Medical Entrance Exams

Best Study Tips for Medical Entrance Exams

How many of you aspire to become doctors and surgeons in the near future? This industry is estimated to transform into a global destination for providing the best healthcare services. The immense potential of this sector has triggered the demand for skilled professionals in this field. Every year innumerable candidates clearing the class 12 board exams apply for the medical entrance exams in the country. However, very few are able to realize their dreams of …

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Quality of Online Study Material

How to Evaluate the Quality of Online Study Material for Entrance Exams?

Is what I’m studying worth it? Is it enough if I just study from online study material for entrance exams and nothing else? Will I be able to evaluate myself appropriately when learning from digital resources like live interactive classes and recorded video lectures? All of these are some of the common questions constantly plaguing the minds of any competitive exam aspirant preparing for exams like NEET, JEE, AIIMS etc. One thing that can give …

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