Monday , May 20 2019
Why is mobile education the next big thing?

Why Mobile Education is the next big Thing?

Man’s advancement in technology has reached to such a level that we can’t even think of a day without putting it into use. It has unquestionably been a necessity today. Supposedly, if you want to order food, plan a trip or learn new things, then technology would be the most loyal friend you have. But, as per traditional beliefs, education is something that could never be possible without teachers or books. But unfortunately, technology has …

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Cracking Entrance Exam through online coaching

Crack Entrance Exams through Online Coaching

There are many of us who aspire to seek admission in IIT right after completing class 12. To opt coaching amidst the hectic schedule, juggling between school studies, co-curricular activities and subject tuitions is an uphill task. Therefore, to get rid of this problem there is an effective and cost-friendly study plan to fulfill the dream of getting admission in IIT after a year. Therefore, here are some online coaching options that you can do …

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Day vs Night studies: Which is the best time to study?

What is the best time to study? This is one of the long going debates among students. Each side of the day has its own pros and cons that we are going to discuss here. Everyone thinks that they know what the best time to study is but the reality is that each person is different and has a different studying style. There are some students who get more out of studying at night while …

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How to study for a medical entrance exam

Best Study tips for Medical Entrance Exam

The industry is likely to transform into a global destination for providing some of the best healthcare services. The immense potential of this sector has generated the demand of skilled professionals in this field. Each year, numerous candidates clearing 12 board exams apply for the medical entrance exam in the country. However, only a small amount of students are actually able to realize their dreams of emerging into a successful medical entrance examinee. Top Medical …

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leisure time during neet

Things to Do in Your Leisure Time When Preparing for NEET

Preparation for competitive entrance exams like NEET can be quite exhausting at times. To ensure a remarkable score, you need to dedicate a quite good portion of your day into it.As per your study schedule, you will have to divide your topics and give each of them sufficient time to get a better understanding. However, have you ever thought about utilising your leisure time? Does it ever cross your mind that the leisure time can …

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Medical Aspirant

Is Your Child a Medical Aspirant? 5 Things Parents Should Stop Doing Now!

Helping their child’s dreams fulfilled is the top priority of every parent. Moreover, if your child has already reached the teenage, you might know the long list of aspirations they might have laid out. While every dream of your child, is undoubtedly close to your heart, the career-related one is especially vital. So, what happens when your child decides to become a doctor? Apparently, countless concerns start giving you sleepless nights, after all your kid’s …

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5 ultimate tips to rock the exam

5 Ultimate Tips to Rock Your Exams

If you are aiming to crack any of the challenging and competitive exams like JEE, you will have to  hit it or quit it approach. That is the only way to go about it. You will have to realise at the beginning itself that the path is not going to be easy and you will have to find ways to tackle barriers that they become your stepping stones to success. In addition, you must dig …

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How online learning works

How Online Learning Works?

What is online learning? With the use of technology on the rise, online learning continues to develop into an accessible and practical education option. Students of all ages are learning through internet-based courses rather than direct face to face communication. The wide range of applications used in the online learning program from learning systems to videos provide educational information to students who are at a distance. Students with geographical barriers, financial limitations, and personal commitments …

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Reasons why your child needs a healthy breakfast

Why does your Child Need a Healthy Breakfast?

Taking a proper diet directly affects our exam performance. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Therefore, be clear whether your child has healthy eating habits or not? And are they eating enough to concentrate well in exams? Eating healthy is essential for students in order to score better in exams. Skipping meals and eating unhealthy junk food can be harmful for your child’s performance. Our human body needs all the essential nutrients to …

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5 Reasons why solving sample papers is the best way to score high

5 Reasons why solving Sample Papers is the Best Way to Score High

Every year there are lakhs of students who appear in several examinations in India. In 2017, more than 3 lakh students registered for various entrance examinations all across the country. We all know the importance of entrance exams and how they are an important milestone in our educational system and define our higher studies and career choices. Since a large number of students compete in the entrance exams, there’s bound to be a cut-throat competition. …

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