Wednesday , October 17 2018
Plan your studies

Are you a CBSE Student? Here’s how to Plan your Academic Year

The beginning of the year is an exciting time with all new books around, new teachers and the feeling of being more responsible. It also starts with the promise of excelling at your academics and extracurricular activities. Every year comes with more pressure and you obviously need to put in extra efforts to do well. As a CBSE student, your exams and tests are well spread throughout the year and if you have a proper …

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8 ways to help your child do well in exams

8 Ways to help your Child do well in Exams

Do you know how many students appear for NEET Competitive Exam every year? Last year approximately 11, 38, 790 students appeared for the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) out of which 6 lakh cleared the exam and qualified. The number keeps increasing each year. Now imagine the amount of pressure your child might be facing before and during the exam with such high level of competition. As a parent you cannot change the situation, …

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studying during summer

How to balance studies and fun during summer vacation with online learning?

Want to make your summer vacation both enjoyable and productive? When most of your friends go on long summer vacations, you might find it difficult to concentrate on your studies. But due to tough competition in the entrance exams, you cannot afford to ignore your studies just for the sake of a few holidays. However, by learning how to study in summer vacations without compromising with your enjoyment, you can get the best of both …

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How to Combat Laziness?

It is easy to get wrapped up in the daily grind and avoid the tasks that require our immediate attention. Are you also one of them who often feel lazy? Have you ever experienced laziness holding you back from accomplishing your goals? We would all be lying if we said we have never spent our day doing nothing. Sometimes, we all enjoy the state of laziness and whiling away our time and wait until the last …

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Digital Learning Resources

How to Use Digital Learning Mediums for Your Benefit?

One of the common reasons for procrastination, exam anxiety at the back of the mind and stress of the result is intuitively knowing that you are still flawed in some areas. There are still some chapters questions from which in the test give you a mini panic attack. Concepts which you couldn’t understand or missed them because you were not present in the class become a fear for you. You are not the only one, …

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Things you should consider while choosing medicine as a career

Want to take up Medical after class 10th? Here are a few things you should consider

Once you decide to take up medicine as a possibility after 10th standard, things might get complicated. The main issue that we will face is to choose between our mind and heart. Our mind would often encourage us to choose medicine after considering the subjective viewpoints of the society and our immediate surroundings. But at times, we forget what our heart and our own desires want. So whether you choose to become a doctor, nurse …

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7 Tips to motivate children to Learn

7 Tips to Motivate Children to Learn

Today’s competitive era is full of distractions and children are majorly glued to gadgets and social media. In this situation, it becomes extremely important to understand how we can inculcate long-term interest in children for learning. Kids require constant motivation to realize their true potential. A lot of times, the absence of motivation makes it difficult to retain a child’s attention and thus the child fails to perform their best during difficult activities. So if …

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Matter in our Surroundings

Matter in our Surroundings: Know All About the Topic

Now study topics like Matter in our Surroundings from Class 9 Science with Aakash. The study module available for CBSE Class 9 topics like Matter in our surroundings is full of tools that prepare students better. You can learn easily from the comprehensive study material for Matter in our surroundings in class 9, well-curated study notes and challenging practice tests. All these features help students to become all the more confident. Join to get …

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Top Tips to prepare for JEE Advanced 2018

Top Tips to Prepare for JEE Advanced 2018

Are you planning to crack JEE 2018? It getting into IIT your dream college? Take this 5 minute read for these important tips and tricks which will help you crack JEE in the first go and help you fulfil your dream! Create a timetable It is very important to have a planned strategy to crack this competitive exam. At the beginning of your preparation, you must create a timetable which should have all the topics …

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Time Management for JEE Advance

How to Prepare for JEE Advanced: Time Management and Schedule Planning

Do you want to know about how to prepare for JEE exams? But, before you know how to prepare yourself for Maths, Physics or Chemistry, you need to pay attention to time management without which nothing is going to help you to reach out to your goals. This analogy fits into each and every goal in which you want to succeed. While preparing for competitive exams you have to say no to almost everything be …

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