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JEE Advanced 2017 Preparation

How to prepare well for entrance exams in a limited time?

How to Prepare for Entrance Exam in a Limited Time

How are you preparing for the most challenging and toughest engineering and medical entrance exams? Cracking JEE, NEET, AIIMS or JIPMER is a dream cherished by millions of aspirants that aim to become an engineer or a doctor. It is the gateway to one of the most sought after and premier engineering and medical institutions such as the IITs, NIITs, AIIMS and other top notch colleges. However, to be honest, as exciting as it feels, …

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5 Study Mistakes that Students Make

5 Study Mistakes that students make

The world we live in is dynamic. It offers us opportunities to learn new and better things every day. To thrive in this ever changing competitive world, studying is imperative for success. With that in mind, we tend to put in a lot of efforts and work really hard to get that perfect score. However, even after studying consistently, we fail to make the mark. Among numerous other reasons one is, that while studying, we …

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The Last-Minute Mistakes to Avoid Before JEE Advanced 2017

The Last Minute Mistakes to avoid before JEE Advanced 2017

JEE Advanced is certainly a tough nut to crack, and aspirants tend to make some puerile mistakes while preparing for it. These mistakes can terribly affect their score and ranking while becoming a hurdle between their dream of studying in an IIT. From scrutinizing the JEE advanced exam pattern intensively to having a strategic planning according to the present selection format, the aspirants need to keep in mind all the major aspects, as ignoring any …

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जेईई एडवांस 2017 – पिछले वर्ष की तुलना से ये वर्ष रहा आसान

जेईई एडवांस 2017

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In total there were 18 questions per subject. With respect to question types, more than one option correct type questions, Single option correct type questions, and paragraph type questions were there in Paper-2. Overall the Paper-2 of JEE Advanced 2017 seemed relatively difficult than Paper-1 In line with Paper-1, there was negative marking in two sections of Paper-2, however there was no negative marking in the section containing Paragraph based questions. PHYSICS Over all Paper-2 …

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In total there were 18 questions per subject. It covered multiple answer correct type questions, Integer type questions, as well as the newly introduced three-column matrix match. Overall the paper-1 of JEE Advanced 2017 was designed with a good mixture of conceptual and tricky questions. There was negative marking in two sections, however there were no negative marking in Integer type questions this year. Introduction of partial marking in the question of One or More …

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