Reasons to choose Aakash for Coaching & Guidance

With the nationwide integration, we prepare our students for the national level examination rather than confining them to a specific zone. This helps our students to get an edge and instills confidence, which comes in handy during the preparation of national level competitive exams. We guide our students how to score high and they strategize accordingly to obtain better marks in a particular topic of their choice. We provide the best way and effective methods that include the art how to handle pressure, manage stress and time and apply special tricks to solve problems in less time with so many magical tips for exams. We provide thorough learning and healthy competitive environment to students so that they can be well prepared for their exams.

Aakash is not only champion in providing coaching for Medical & Engineering Entrance exams but also for national level entrance exams for secondary students such as Olympiads, NTSE, NMMS, JSTS (Foundations-classes VIII, IX & X) in various programs like Regular Classroom Programs (RCP), Distance Learning Programs (DLP) and e-Learning Programs (ELP). Moreover, a junior level scholarship – Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam (ANTHE) - Junior has been launched for the students studying in classes VII, VIII & IX to equip them sound enough for their future career prospects.

We are sure that you would have taken a close look at the special opportunities AESPL has been offering. If not, we advise that you should check out details in relevant sections in our website or look into details provided in the brochure*.

Our courses are customized as per student’s need and requirement. We have a wide range of courses to map specific needs of aspirants. We have over 120 centres to provide the real time support via our counselors. Our counselors are well equipped with the information related to courses and for career counseling.

There are different sets of requirements to take admission in Aakash. It largely depends on the choice of course to study, scholarship program, eligibility and course commencement date. Students come from across the nation and also NRIs to attend programs at our centres, which combine many aspects of teaching and building academic careers.

General Guidelines for Admission:
1. Admission to most of our courses is based on the choice of the stream you select such as Medical/Engineering (class XI & XII) or Foundation Level (classes VIII, IX and X).
2. Students can join us for Regular Classroom Program or can opt for Distance Learning Program in the above said Streams.
3. Our courses are widely categorized as per the duration of respective course. It ranges from 200 hrs to 2 years. The categorization of courses with respect to duration is because of different requirements of our students and parents. For example, 2 years course has an integrated approach to address the need to succeed in State Board Exams as well as for the Competitive Exams. Short term courses have an integrated approach that covers the syllabus of state board and competitive exams.
4. The commencement dates are different for different course when you enrol with us, we will share the commencement date, duration of the course, fees structure and timing of classes and venue etc., if regular.
5. We have scholarship programs for every course, which is based on merit in ACST, performances in CBSE/ICSE Board Class X Exam and Class X/XII Board Exam, Ranks in Competitive Exams (AIPMT/JEE) and also in some other categories like Ex-Aakashians, SC/ST, Siblings, Single parent/Divorcee wards. This scholarship program varies from time to time. So kindly get in touch with our counselors for more details.
*If you need a Brochure, you can simply request it, free of charge, at your doorstep.

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