Salient Features:
  1. Standardized content and coaching methods
    We have a centralized in-house process for curriculum and content development and faculty training and monitoring, led by our National Academic Team. This centralized process helps us maintain consistent coaching standards and delivery across our learning channels. Our systematic academic delivery model aims to enhance our students’ conceptual knowledge base and improve their accuracy and speed through assessment and testing.
  2. Course Delivery
    Our course delivery is based on the “Aakash Way”, which emphasizes on standardized teaching and the concept of experimental learning, with the aim of making concepts easily comprehensible.
  3. Interactive Teaching Method
    Our faculty members have been trained to deliver the courses based on an interactive teaching method which ensures communication between the students and the faculty while teaching.
  4. Conducive Learning Environment
    We ensure that our classrooms provide an environment which is conducive for learning by, among other things, providing better infrastructure, periodic tests and assessments and strict discipline, and continuously endeavor to improve these facilities.
  5. Recorded Lectures
    We also provide our students with lectures in recorded format at each of our centres, in the form of Aakash iTutor Lab which assists students in answering their queries and catching up on lectures they may have missed.
  6. All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS)
    The AIATS is conducted for students at Aakash Centres across India, giving opportunity to the students to test their knowledge at an All-India level for both Aakash students and non-Aakash students. The test papers are prepared by Aakash faculty members and aimed at preparing students for the actual entrance examinations and allows them to benchmark their performance against other students. The test also helps us identify and attract students in Class 11 and 12 with potential to score well and make selections in their desired medical and engineering course to enrol in our courses.
  7. Study materials
    Our study materials contain illustrative theory and application-based questions which allows us to deliver high-quality content. With an aim to simplify the learning process, the contents of the study materials are provided in the form of questions and corresponding answers. Our study materials also include significant points and summaries of each topic, pictures and illustrations and question papers from previous board examinations to help students easily understand and memorize the content. To equip students to face various competitive examinations, we provide multiple questions in our study materials. Further, our study materials are revised annually to ensure that our content is continuously updated with the latest curriculum.
  8. Tests and examinations
    A series of tests and examinations are conducted each fortnight and term for each of our courses at our Aakash Centres to evaluate our students and prepare them for facing the various board and other competitive examinations. We provide our students with a printed model answer paper after each examination, along with the marking scheme, which clarifies their doubts on various questions asked in the examination. We also conduct mock examinations in a manner similar to that in which the various board examinations are conducted, in order to offer a realistic experience to our students, with an aim to help boost their confidence when facing the board examinations.
    In order to discover and nurture talent, we conduct the ACST, the ANTHE and the ATQ. We provide scholarships for qualifying students from these tests to enrol in our programs.
  9. Monitoring and reviewing
    Our faculty members make constant efforts to reach out to each of the students and pay close attention to their needs by helping them in their day-to-day academic studies. We conduct daily attendance checks and any absence of a student is immediately communicated to the parents. We also conduct regular parent-teacher meetings to discuss the academic performance of the students and to highlight any areas of concern. A monthly performance attendance report of each student is provided to their parents at such meetings. In addition, we place emphasis on reviewing and evaluating results of our students in the fortnightly tests and term examinations, and put in place remedial actions for our weaker students. At the centre level, we conduct regular meetings from time to time to discuss academic progress of our students, evaluate the performances of Aakash centres, and identify any areas for improvement. We continue to monitor the performances of Aakash centres to ensure that we consistently deliver high quality content and services for our students.
  10. Competitive Environment
    We have a competitive environment with personalized attention to analyze student’s performance.
  11. Doubt Clearing Sessions
    These sessions aim at clearing the concepts of students, thereby leaving no room for doubts. Specific arrangement of subject-wise efficient teachers aims to facilitate the students and encourage them to ask problems and difficulties faced by them.
  12. Scholarships
    In order to discover and nurture talent, we conduct the ACST, the ANTHE and the ATQ. The ANTHE is generally conducted in the last week of October and is aimed at students in Class 8 to 10. The ATQ is conducted in December and aimed at students in Class 12 while the ACST is generally conducted during weekends as scheduled, aimed at students in Class 8 to 12 and who could not make it for the ANTHE and ATQ. We provide scholarships for qualifying students from these tests to enrol in our programs.

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