Aakash iTutor

Aakash iTutor is an innovative Program which provides high-quality learning content on PC, Tablet or Mobile. It includes video lectures from our top faculty, eBooks, assessments and much more. It provides a unique blend of classroom learning and self-study at a very affordable cost.

What is Aakash Live?

Aakash Live is our new eLearning program where students can attend Live Online classes from their home, even at low internet bandwidth.

Main Features are:
• Live classes taken by Delhi Aakash Faculty
• You can attend classes from your PCs/Tablets
• Students can also ask questions in the Live class
• Regular tests and AIATS (All India Aakash Test Series

Which one to choose between Aakash iTutor & Aakash Live?

If you have access to internet at home (even a low bandwidth of 100 kbps will work), Aakash Live will be the best option. It is almost like studying in a Classroom at the comfort of your home and at almost half the cost.

If you do not have access to internet you can go for Aakash iTutor where you can study at your own place and at your own pace.It provides recorded lectures from the best Aakash faculty.

Both Aakash iTutor & Aakash Live are unique eLearning programs based on cutting edge technology and enable you to prepare for exams without wasting time, energy and money in travel. Both the programs include study material (Aakash Live provides printed package while Aakash iTutor provides eBooks), Tests and AIATS (All India Aakash Test Series).

Break free from your local average tuitions and the constraints of lack of good study material - get Aakash high-quality lectures and Study material right on your fingertips.

Get live interactive classes online by top Aakash faculty at the comfort of your home.