The Aakash iTutorTM Program is a tablet-based learning program that combines classroom learning and self-study. It is a digital content-based platform providing recorded video lectures with integrated test taking and self-assessment designed for self-paced learning. The Aakash iTutorTM program aims to give access to real time high quality video lectures, self-study material, self-assessment tools, feedback mechanism and many other useful features that aim to help students to learn the subject effectively and efficiently. Apart from the interactive classroom activities, Aakash iTutorTM intends to provide access to qualified faculty, full recorded lectures, engaged learning, doubt clearing sessions, test assessments, etc , all at the comfort of your home, thereby saving time and money on transport.

We provide engineering, medical and foundations (Class 8 to 10) test preparatory services through our Aakash iTutorTM platform. The Aakash iTutorTM platform allows students the flexibility to access the recorded lectures at any place and time at their convenience. It helps expand our geographical reach beyond classrooms by allowing students to learn remotely and yet in an interactive manner.

Currently, we have over 1 million installations for our Aakash iTutor Android App, and we have a dedicated team of faculty members for our Aakash iTutor platform.

Benefits of Aakash iTutorTM:
  • 1. The entire content of Aakash iTutorTM, study material and video lectures, have been designed and developed by a team of academic professionals.
  • 2. The product provides organized access to all classroom lectures by qualified Aakash faculty along with complete access to study material and courseware.
  • 3. Aakash iTutorTM aims to make your child's learning an interactive experience, in addition to making the available study time more effective.
  • 4. Students can avail Instant Assessment and Testing on the tablet, which allows them to focus on the weak areas and practice at home and improve their performance.
  • 5. It is a platform which aims to enable students to learn anywhere and anytime.
  • 6. There is no need to travel to the local teacher for doubts. Now concepts can be reviewed and clarified sitting at home.
  • 7. It eliminates classroom distractions and enables students to view the missed classroom lectures sitting at home
  • 8. Last but not the least, studying safely from the comfort of home is of supreme importance especially for a girl child.

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