Learning Success Mantra with Aakash
No one is born with the magic wand of success, but it is accomplished with relentless hard work, persistence and endurance accompanied by specific skills, taught at Aakash. However, sheer hard work without proper guidance doesn't bear the desired fruit of success since it (success) is the state of mind that needs guidance in the right direction. At Aakash, a time-tested mantra called 'Action-Based-Learning' is employed that brings success, thereby making Aakash – a differentiator of sorts.

‘Action-Based-Learning’ brainstorms you, enabling out of the box thinking, and puts you into the temper of competitive learning, unleashing your latent potential. It also makes your knowledge laden learning a fun-filled exercise enriching you substantially by sharpening your competitive skills with valuable insights from the learned faculty.

Winning with Aakash
Winning is not destiny but it is an art, which is learnt with proper guidance at right time by the proven experts. Discovering the scholastic aptitude of the aspirants and honing it in line with the seamless tide of cut-throat competition are the indispensable features required to make them a winner. And, it is all there, at Aakash because its unique teaching methodologies have come a long way in making thousands of average aspirants winners every year. Owing to its excellent results, thousands of aspirants, who seek ‘cutting-edge-solutions’ joins Aakash and eventually emerges as winners.

Recognizing Aakash - A Brand Standalone
Emergence of Aakash – a brand standalone is not an overnight accomplishment but the outcome of the persistent hard work compounded with perseverance and patience of the great visionary Mr. J. C. Chaudhry, Chairman, Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL). He dreamt of making it a brand and resolved to steer it to an unparalleled height, which was later followed by its committed faculties and students. It has now become a phenomenon of sorts; that keeps on evolving by attaining newer vistas of excellence ever since its inception. It is recognized for guiding thousands of students and realising their dreams to be doctors & engineers. 

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