The Insider That Makes It a Leader
  1. 1. Optimum use of modern technology that makes use of advanced teaching aids and provides with necessary edge and exposure. 
  2. 2. Highly professional faculty comprising of a perfect blend of academicians as well as technocrat subject experts.
  3. 3. A standardized education delivery methodology in place to simplify the dynamics for the toughest of Entrance Exams.
  4. 4. Simple, concise, relevant, well-researched and easy-to-understand study material.
  5. 5. Regular updates to parents about their wards through multiple touch points.
  6. 6. A tradition of excellence in School / Board as well as NTSE, KVPY, JSTS and Olympiads.
  7. 7. Ever evolving and flawless system of management.
  8. 8. Regular doubt clearing classes.
  9. 9. Approachable and cooperative staff.
  10. 10. Transparent grievances redressal system.
  11. 11. Meticulously designed learning environment inferring competitive edge.
  12. 12. Regular and on time performance evaluation of each student.
  13. 13. Regular tests on lines and patterns of the competitive exams.
  14. 14. Special Motivational Sessions that help the students stay focused.
  15. 15. Hostel and transport facility.
  16. 16. Back-up classes for average & late-joining students.
  17. 17. Over  160 Study centres and 150 Test centres across the country.
  18. 18. Systematically well-structured Session
  19. 19. Student Feedback system with provision of suggestion at every centre.
  20. 20. Psychological counseling and stress management.
  21. 21. Technology-enabled automated Attendance system.
  22. 22. Refreshment in Cafeteria/tuck-shop.
  23. 23. Lost & found facility - All purpose counters for first-hand information.
  24. 24. Frequent Parent-Teacher-Meetings (PTM).
  25. 25. Strict discipline at every sphere of Administration as well as teaching system.
  26. 26. Adequate Library facility.
  27. 27. Integrated approach of teaching to help students excel in School /Boards as well as Competitive exams.
  28. 28. Brilliant initiatives like audio-video classes and online test assessments.
  29. 29. Assessment of Tests on regular basis.
  30. 30. Updation of daily attendance report and monthly performance report.
  31. 31 Frequent Appraisal and Award System.
  32. 32. Systematic, time bound classroom teaching.
  33. 33. Well-planned test schedule, class timings and venue.
  34. 34. Series of Tests like Daily, Weekly/Fortnightly, Term and AIATS.
  35. 35. Timely Notification about all Competitive Exams.
  36. 36. Competitive Study Environment for students to outshine in the entrance exams.
  37. 37. Special care for the students who are in Campus.
  38. 38. Free Studentship for ANTHE (Senior & Junior)
  39. 39. Incomparable Results in various Entrance Examinations.
  40. 40. Aakash iTutor – The combination of tablet-based classroom learning and self-study.
  41. 41. Aakash Live – Online Live Interactive Classes by renowned Aakash Faculties.

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