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Qualifying in Medical, Engineering or Foundation Level Competitive Entrance Tests has become a hard nut to crack because of the changing patterns of tests almost every year. Clearing the academic examinations or scoring high over there, is quite different than those of the competitive exams. In academic exams, the questions are straight forward based on the facts and figures, while in competitive entrance tests, the questions are rather twisted. 
In order to be acquainted with the twisted questions, and to learn the trends and tricks, which is essentially required to crack the competitive exams, students first need to clear the fundamental concepts. The gradually changing pattern of entrance tests like the largest Medical entrance exam (AIPMT), Engineering entrance exam (JEE) and foundations level competitive exams like NTSE, JSTS, KVPY and NSTSE, all have turned objective.
Time management is one of the crucial factors to crack the objective type entrance tests. Contrary to the conventional subjective type tests, a candidate gets few seconds to solve an objective question. Thus, rigorous practice is required to solve the questions correctly in the stipulated time period. If one is determined to make grade, one needs to practise as much as one can. And to streamline these strategies, one needs a reliable coaching and guidance at the outset.         
In the last 25 years of our varied experiences in coaching and guidance, we have observed that students, who solve all the assignments, test papers and reference objective guides provided by us, come out successful. The reason is simple, those who solve multiple questions on each topic, leave little chances to miss the questions in the exam howsoever difficult. If you wish to be successful, leave procrastination, and associate with the trusted name like us, success will automatically come to you.