Sunday , February 25 2018
How to avoid memory overload

How to Avoid Memory Overload in IIT JEE/ NEET Preparation?

As an IIT JEE or NEET aspirant, there might be times when you would have to read a topic/concept several times before you understand the concept completely. Do you continuously search for online tutorials or help again and again because you are not getting what is being told in the …

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Want to Get Rid of Anxiety Issues & Achieve Success? Here are the 5 Reasons!

Surely, we all have experienced anxiety issues at some point in our lives. No matter what form they take in our head, they all stem from feelings we don’t want to feel. Adolescents today are known to be more vulnerable, sensitive and emotional. Anxiety issues can have an adverse affect …

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Astonishing 8 Ways to Attempt Boards on a Perfect Note

With board exams fast approaching, students are abuzz with several thoughts. It cannot be denied that board exams are the stepping stones to a successful future ahead. From obtaining admission in the college and course of your choice to getting into the career of your dreams, board exam result reflects …

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How to Make Smart Decisions?

Do you falter while making decisions? As contradictory as it may sound, even really smart people with impeccable credentials and sound judgement are sometimes awful at making decisions. True, we all struggle while making decisions especially when it is about our career and even spend enormous amount of time and …

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5 Myths of Studying Abroad

In a society fixated on fast paced world and in the age of openness, we are still closeted about straying from our comfort zone. No matter how daunting it may sound, studying abroad is a rewarding experience that enhances your overall skills. Though there are a lot of preconceived notions …

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Benefits of Digital Learning

The Benefits of Digital Learning

One of the most difficult phase of parents is when their child moves out of the house to pursue higher education or for entrance preparation. As per a survey in Times of India, around 1.6 lakh students travel to Kota every year for entrance coaching! Although, parents are quite proud …

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Want to Improve your Grades? Follow these Simple Tricks

Are you academically underperforming? Even loads of hard work not getting you anywhere? Does this sound familiar? If burning the midnight oil is not helping you take your academic performance up one or more notches, the following tricks can boost your grade and take your studies to the next level. …

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Is your child learning enough?

“Is my child learning enough?”, “Is he/she accomplishing his/her goals?”, “Is he/she doing enough to reach his/her target?” Parents encounter such questions all the time and it is also a matter of great concern for them. After all, being responsible for a child’s education is a heavy load to carry. …

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How online learning is changing modern education

How Online Learning is Changing Modern Education

In today’s time, our world is constantly on the go. We are no longer required to be confined to limited spaces to pursue work or studies. It is in this regard that a kind of revolution has been achieved through the introduction of Online Learning. One of the sectors which …

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How is Digital education the in-thing

Why Digital Education is the In-Thing!

The digital revolution has passed through deep into all the aspects of our living. There is hardly any service that is left untouched by Digitization. All those who are habitual of using the Digital learning platforms, the benefits would be obvious, but if you have just transitioned to the learning …

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