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7 Ways to De Stress during the Final Countdown

It is the final countdown and students can be spotted engrossed in their books. Libraries become the favourite hangout place for these kids as they slurp on caffeinated beverages and chug their favourite junk. The pressure is bound to mount considering the giant exam that students have been preparing for …

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Want to Get Rid of Anxiety Issues & Achieve Success? Here are the 5 Reasons!

Surely, we all have experienced anxiety issues at some point in our lives. No matter what form they take in our head, they all stem from feelings we don’t want to feel. Adolescents today are known to be more vulnerable, sensitive and emotional. Anxiety issues can have an adverse affect …

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Do you compare your kids to others?

Do you compare your kids with others?

“Mr Khanna’s son scored a 90”, “Monika Aunty’s daughter stood first in her class”, “Look at your elder brother!”, “Do you know your friend will be competing in national level tournament?”. Sounds familiar? Sure it does! From the time a child takes birth, comparisons become a yardstick to measure his/her …

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Is Peer Pressure Good for Self Development?

Wanting to be more like your friends is a normal part of growing up. Every other kid in a desire to fit in indulges in the activities that their peers are involved in. It makes them happy as they feel accepted in a big social group. True peer pressure has …

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Breaking Down the Confidence Barrier

Are you debilitated by lack of self confidence? Do you believe that even if you possess the skills and the required knowledge to succeed in your goals, your lack of confidence becomes a barrier to your success? It is to be noted that even at the heights of one’s career, …

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Enhance Your Concentration Skills with 7 Simple Tricks

Enhance your concentration skills

Have you ever experienced yourself constantly nodding along absentmindedly during a conversation while your mind flits to a million other things? Does your mind escapes to a wonderland when you settle down to study and try to focus on the task at hand? Do you often get lost in your …

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Why does your Child Need a Healthy Breakfast?

Reasons why your child needs a healthy breakfast

Taking a proper diet directly affects our exam performance. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Therefore, be clear whether your child has healthy eating habits or not? And are they eating enough to concentrate well in exams? Eating healthy is essential for students in order to score better …

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ANTHE: A Right Step at Right Time

No matter how clichéd it sounds, exams are the living nightmares of a majority of students in this world. And when it comes to competitive exams, students indeed lose their sleep and appetite under pressure to outperform others. It cannot be denied that competitive exams sit at the core of …

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4 Things to consider when choosing a Coaching Institute for your Child

Things to consider when choosing a coaching Institute

If your child is preparing for some competitive examinations then putting him/her in a coaching institute is a helpful step. With this view of helping realize the dreams of thousands of students, Aakash Institute was founded in 1988. We at Aakash have motivated and guided thousands of Engineering and Medical …

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Has Medicine and Engineering Career lost its sheen?

Career has always found tremendous traction among students and has always been one of the most sought after topics as students scour news sources and online information; talk to peers and alumni, trying to find out what career path they should go down. As digital transformation challenges conventional ways every …

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