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Exam Prep Tips

7 Successful Mantras to Score Well in Boards

With exam season in full swing and barely a month to go, standing in awe of those who seem to breeze through without undue effort is not going to serve you any good. It is time to take your preparation level up a few more notches and spur amazing feats. …

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Prepare Well Prepare Best for Boards in 7 Steps

With just a few weeks to board exams, this is the time of extreme pressure. It cannot be denied that board exams serve as a catalyst for a successful career ahead. Not only the board exam result help in securing admission in the top notch colleges but is also a …

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5 Study Mistakes that Students Make

5 Study Mistakes that students make

The world we live in is dynamic. It offers us opportunities to learn new and better things every day. To thrive in this ever changing competitive world, studying is imperative for success. With that in mind, we tend to put in a lot of efforts and work really hard to …

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Perks of Solving Mock Tests

With days ticking off and CBSE Boards fast approaching, it is time that students start practicing now and as much as possible. The adage sounds clichéd but it is also the truth that “Practice makes a man perfect”. The time after your Pre-boards is the ideal time to start taking …

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Super 7 Tips to Memorise Quickly

It is that time of the year again when you will find thousands of students cooped up in the libraries, trying to cram as much information as they can to give their best shot at the impending exams. With so much to learn and so less time, more often than …

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Astonishing 8 Ways to Attempt Boards on a Perfect Note

With board exams fast approaching, students are abuzz with several thoughts. It cannot be denied that board exams are the stepping stones to a successful future ahead. From obtaining admission in the college and course of your choice to getting into the career of your dreams, board exam result reflects …

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Want to Improve your Grades? Follow these Simple Tricks

Are you academically underperforming? Even loads of hard work not getting you anywhere? Does this sound familiar? If burning the midnight oil is not helping you take your academic performance up one or more notches, the following tricks can boost your grade and take your studies to the next level. …

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Is your child learning enough?

“Is my child learning enough?”, “Is he/she accomplishing his/her goals?”, “Is he/she doing enough to reach his/her target?” Parents encounter such questions all the time and it is also a matter of great concern for them. After all, being responsible for a child’s education is a heavy load to carry. …

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5 Secrets to Success in Pre-Boards

With Pre-Boards on the horizon, we can witness the tension starting to creep in as students get all jittery about how to cope with its preparation. Boards are an important milestone and govern a student’s life long career and Pre-Boards are an important precursor to this stepping stone to success. …

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How to Prepare for any Competitive exam – Tips & Tricks

Tips on how to prepare for competitive exams

Cracking competitive exams is the only way to gain entry into lucrative jobs in the government sector. A mixture of regular study and extracurricular activities, including group discussions, help you to excel in these exams. One should have a clear focus and planned routine of study. In order to crack …

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