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Perfect Learning for the Digital Freaks

Perfect Learning for the Digital Freaks

The students of today’s time are known as Digital Natives who grew up immersed in Technology – Smartphones, Laptops, etc. They are eager to adopt technology in their fast-paced lives. They are accustomed to connecting with peers over different social media platforms. With the recent advancements in technology, students were …

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The Benefits of Digital Learning

Benefits of Digital Learning

One of the most difficult phase of parents is when their child moves out of the house to pursue higher education or for entrance preparation. As per a survey in Times of India, around 1.6 lakh students travel to Kota every year for entrance coaching! Although, parents are quite proud …

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How Online Learning is Changing Modern Education

How online learning is changing modern education

In today’s time, our world is constantly on the go. We are no longer required to be confined to limited spaces to pursue work or studies. It is in this regard that a kind of revolution has been achieved through the introduction of Online Learning. One of the sectors which …

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Why Digital Education is the In-Thing!

How is Digital education the in-thing

The digital revolution has passed through deep into all the aspects of our living. There is hardly any service that is left untouched by Digitization. All those who are habitual of using the Digital learning platforms, the benefits would be obvious, but if you have just transitioned to the learning …

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How Today’s Technology Has Matched Classroom Environment?

Classroom Learning vs Digital Learning

In India Gurukul, Pathshalas and Maktabs has been into existence from the ancient era. But a country known for its culture preservation,has readily accepted eLearning over chalk and talk. In fact, according to Yourstory, India is one of the top three marketplace for online education in the world.The reason being …

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4 Reasons why to choose Aakash

4 reasons why to choose Aakash

The Education system, which comprises of an inevitable part of a human’s life today, has various modes of its influence. It is not only through books that the process of learning works. Technology has taken things to such a level that online learning has become quite efficient and fruitful to …

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Breaking Stereotypes with Virtual Learning

Importance of Virtual Learning

In today’s world, where technology is evolving with each passing day, it is interesting to witness the revolution it has brought in the teaching-learning process. With multitude of advances in the educational arena, Virtual Learning helps turn your learning into a more effective blend as it provides a convenient learning …

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Crack Entrance Exams through Online Coaching

Cracking Entrance Exam through online coaching

There are many of us who aspire to seek admission in IIT right after completing class 12. To opt coaching amidst the hectic schedule, juggling between school studies, co-curricular activities and subject tuitions is an uphill task. Therefore, to get rid of this problem there is an effective and cost-friendly …

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How Online Learning Works?

How online learning works

What is online learning? With the use of technology on the rise, online learning continues to develop into an accessible and practical education option. Students of all ages are learning through internet-based courses rather than direct face to face communication. The wide range of applications used in the online learning …

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Why does your Child Need a Healthy Breakfast?

Reasons why your child needs a healthy breakfast

Taking a proper diet directly affects our exam performance. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Therefore, be clear whether your child has healthy eating habits or not? And are they eating enough to concentrate well in exams? Eating healthy is essential for students in order to score better …

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