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Preparing for IIT-JEE? We Have Got a Plan

Preparing for IIT-JEE? We Have Got a Plan

To go or not to go that is the question Aspiring to get admission in IIT? Well, then we are sure you must have gone through this dilemma at least 10 times a day. Every year, thousands of students take IIT-JEE coaching to achieve their engineering dream. Their journey takes …

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5 Myths vs Realities of Learning Through Digital Mediums

Myth vs Realities of Digital Learning

Albert Einstein is a name synonymous with ‘Genius’. It is often said that Mr. Einstein is one human who utilized his brain to the fullest. His Extraordinary work and famous theories are a result of good grasping power, thinking ability, interpretation, and imagination. Imagine how powerful you could become if …

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Couldn’t Crack JEE Main 2018? Here’s Your Road Map to Crack JEE Main 2019

JEE Main 2019

‘Life always gives you a second chance.’ Now how you use that opportunity is completely your choice. You can either waste time on crying over the spilled milk or can start a new journey with a better study plan and a fresh approach. JEE is one of the toughest and …

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5 Benefits of Online Coaching Over Conventional Coaching

Benefits of Online Coaching

There was a time when 4 out of 5 aspirants went to Kota to prepare for competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET. The aim was to make that 1 year in Kota count and life-changing in a positive manner. But, the constant pressure to study more and to move to …

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4 Ways Digital Learning Mediums Can Solve Your Study Problems

Digital Learning Mediums

The Internet is a powerful medium that has shortened distances and added on to our conveniences. Thanks to the internet, many tasks now occur at a faster speed and save a lot of time for us. Imagine its potential when combined with education. By exploring the power of the internet …

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How Will Online NEET Coaching Strengthen Your Preparation?

Online NEET Coaching

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a national level medical entrance exam for admission to MBBS and BDS courses. Conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), NEET is now the only entrance exam for admission in various government as well as private medical colleges in India. Every …

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Which Learning Style Suits Your Personality the Most?

Different Learning Styles

Every individual is different from each other and so are their learning styles. People use different techniques to understand and retain the information. For instance, one person can remember things better by looking at the images while another one finds listening to recorded audios a better choice to learn new …

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5 Reasons to Choose Digital Learning for Competitive Exam Preparation

Digital Learning for Competitive Exam Preparation

This is the perfect time to welcome technology into the education world. Digital learning for competitive exam preparation not just makes learning more enjoyable and engaging but also helps you save a lot of time wasted on traveling. By studying at home, you can invest the time spent on traveling …

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Make the best of your Digital Learning with Free 7” Lenovo Tab

Digital Learning

At Aakash we understand your education needs that many of you often need. Competition is everywhere and it is becoming tough with each passing day. Therefore, we at Aakash put in every effort to provide you with proper guidance to fulfil your dream of becoming a doctor or an engineer …

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7 Reasons Why Video-based Learning is a Right Choice for You

Benefits of Video-based Learning

Online learning is no more a completely new concept. Students have been using the technology to learn new things in addition to what they learn in the class for years now. However, learning from the endless parade of slideshows and long articles made it a bit difficult to digest a …

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