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How to Manage JEE 2019 Preparation and School Effectively?

JEE 2019 Preparation and School

Preparing for competitive exams can be a very intimidating feat on its own. Add to the equation, school work, and the situation becomes even more complex. With the equal pressure to perform well in both the board exams and JEE, this gets really difficult for the students to manage everything. When preparing for medical entrance exam, many of you might skip the school part and think of it as unnecessary, but it provides an important …

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Is Engineering Your Dream Career? Start Your Journey with Online JEE Preparation

JEE Preparation

The growing cumulative influence of technology means engineering is now at the forefront. Getting into an engineering college is the main objective for students opting for science in class 11th. Students who are solemn about becoming an engineer, start preparing for the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) examination at an early stage for better preparation. Not just choosing Science with Physics, Chemistry, and Math in 11th, but they start preparing for the entrance exam even before …

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6 Ways Parents Can Help Their Children in NEET and JEE 2019 Preparation

How can parents help children in NEET/JEE Preparation

Parents want their kids to be successful and strive hard to provide them with the best education possible. Most of the parents in India want their kids to become an engineer or a doctor. For this, they pressurize their children to crack highly competitive entrance exams like NEET and JEE. Every year, millions of students apply for these exams to realize the dreams of their parents, but only a few make it to the final …

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6 Helpful Tips to Manage NEET Coaching and School

How to manage medical coaching and school

Aiming for NEET by taking out time to study for the medical examination remains a tough routine for the school students. As many other co-curricular activities come up for the CBSE/ICSE students, managing school and coaching together makes it really difficult for the students. Juggling through NEET preparations after six hours of school and selective subject tuition’s, students don’t actually get plenty much of the time left. For an exam like, NEET students need to …

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Do’s and Don’ts of JEE 2019 Preparation for Droppers

JEE 2019 Preparation Tips

Acing JEE is the dream of every engineering aspirant, but only a selected few get success in this highly competitive exam. Students leave no stone unturned to crack JEE to get admission in the top engineering college in India. The increasing number of students applying for the exam each year has already taken the competition to an all new level. Every year, around 12lakh students appear for JEE Main out of which only 2,00,000 students …

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Smart Study Tips to Learn More in Less Time

Smart Study Tips

We have all been in a situation where no matter how long we study, the result is not satisfactory. We sit with our books for long hours while thinking about the last show we binge watched and expect to magically remember every word that we read. This becomes a common thing with students preparing for difficult entrance exams like NEET, JEE etc. where they need to study for almost 14-15 hours a day. Who are …

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10 NEET 2019 Preparation Tips If It’s Your Second Attempt

NEET 2019 Preparation Tips for Repeaters

It’s a dream for students to crack exams like NEET in their first attempt and secure a seat in the college of their choice. We understand that it is a really heartbreaking moment when you fail in a competitive exam that could potentially pave a path for your future. But everybody deserves a second chance to prove them and achieve their goals. So, as the famous idiom goes, ‘Fall seven times, stand up eight’, you …

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Tips to Make the Most of Your Study Time When It’s Raining Outside

Study Tips for Monsoon

Monsoon – it’s that time of the year again! Grey skies, heavy rains, slippery streets and late transport, the monsoon brings havoc in our normal life with so many problems. Students are among the ones who face lots of problems due to thunderstorms and downpour. It not just hampers their coaching classes but also spoils their complete schedule for preparation of competitive exams like NEET and JEE. Students have to miss classes and stay at home …

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Second Attempt to Crack JEE? Check Tips to Ace JEE 2019 Here!

NEET 2019 Preparation Tips for Repeaters

Getting into a prominent and well-recognized engineering college is a vision that each student has, but only a few students reach their goal. From deciding to pursue engineering to preparing for JEE, taking the exam and qualifying it to get admission in one of the IITs, this is a long journey for each student. Millions of students apply for JEE and attempt the examination each year. And, out of which only 10% get close to …

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Useful Tips to Prepare for New Computer Based JEE Exam Pattern

Computer Based JEE Main Exam

CBSE has been discharged from competitive examination accountabilities and the newly formed National Testing Agency (NTA) has taken the charge of entrance exams like NEET, JEE Main, NET etc. Now NEET and JEE Main will be conducted online twice a year for one admission process. As per the latest announcement, the entrance exams will now be conducted purely in the online format to protect and secure them from being leaked. Examinations will be student-friendly most …

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