Friday , July 28 2017

Plan well or execute well?

In order to optimise your performance and enrich your learning journey, you need to lay a definite groundwork first. In today’s world, where technological knowhow is evolving with each day, students lack fore-thought as they have been brought up in the age of social media and instant success. They are …

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Entrance exam results etch a permanent mark in the mind. How to convert it into everlasting guiding light?

In a heavily populated country like ours, every year millions of students prepare for the most coveted entrance exams. Out of those who take one or the other exam, only a few manage to get through even after adequate preparation. Exam stress, inefficient study method, poor planning, lack of study …

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Shout vs. Silence – Which is a better disciplinary tool?

Do you often find yourself shouting at children and threatening them with punishment instead of a silent treatment? True, for many of us, ‘shouting’ comes as the last resort discipline measure when everything else fails. But have you ever wondered what gives way to shouting? Often in order to exert …

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Who is internally wired to perform: Boys or Girls?

There has been a long standing debate on who is internally wired to perform out of boys and girls. While boys are thought to be good with tasks that involve use of muscle control, girls are believed to be better at verbal tasks involving memory and intuition. Boys may perform …

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Role of Sleep

Role of Sleep in Academic Performance

For a nation that aims at attempting big challenges, to be deprived of sleep is both draconian and retrograde. Sleep plays an important role in the trajectory of students’ academic performance. According to a study conducted by Philips, nearly 93% Indians are sleep deprived, getting less than 8 hours of …

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Relevent Career Choices

In an ever changing world, how to make relevant career choices?

It is rightly said that you tend to live by the choices you make. However, one of the most challenging yet crucial decisions that you will be required to make is while considering which career path to take. While choosing a career can be a difficult decision, it is certainly …

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Failure is Important

Failure is Important and Essential

While road to success is often a toilsome one, failure is bound to happen. Though failure is looked down upon, causes emotional turmoil and inflicts agonising pain, it is considered an inevitable part of learning. You should not feel dejected and learn to take failure in your stride. It is …

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Empowering teachers

Empowering teachers will change the world, not empowering students

In today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing world, globalisation has radically transformed the education system, thereby increasing the pressure on students as well as teachers. Besides, equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the pressure, it is imperative to offer teachers with opportunities that would make them …

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BITS Pilani

BITS Pilani Campus: Admission Process, Courses Offered and Fee Structure

The JEE Advanced Result has been declared on 11th June 2017.  Students are still confused which is better- IITs or BITS Pilani. There are some students who wants to take admission in BITS Pilani. Here we have covered all you need to know about BITS. The Birla Institute of Technology …

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The Last-Minute Mistakes to Avoid Before JEE Advanced 2017

JEE Advanced is certainly a tough nut to crack, and aspirants tend to make some puerile mistakes while preparing for it. These mistakes can terribly affect their score and ranking while becoming a hurdle between their dream of studying in an IIT. From scrutinizing the JEE advanced exam pattern intensively …

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