Unique Pedagogy Ensures Outstanding Results
The genesis of outstanding result in any exam lies in the holistic preparation that involves the teaching methodology as well as the individual hard work put in by the students. Every student strains his/her nerve but doesn’t outperform or make it to top. So what makes them outperformers is the focused result-oriented teaching methodology. The hard work students usually do, multiply several times when they seek guidance from Aakash. Even average students, on joining Aakash, have come out toppers bagging 1st Rank in various topmost national level competitive exams like JEE (Main & Advanced) and AIPMT. The history of excellent performance has been scripted consequent to the concerted teaching methodology being employed over here.
The time-tested teaching methodology involves topic-wise strategic guidance and the scrupulously designed study material that enriches the students to make it to top. The central idea behind the teaching is to make the fundamentals of the students crystal clear so that they could be able to think beyond stereotype model. An integrated teaching strategy is employed to prepare the students for competitive as well as board exams in one-go.
High-quality Lectures optimise the performance
Lectures delivered are rich in content and well-documented which is finished in the stipulated time as ‘Time Management’ plays decisive role in Medical & Engineering Entrance Exams. If the limited time available is not used judiciously, the sum total of preparation comes to naught. Hence, time managed properly in tandem with the vast syllabus maximizes the chances of success; and at Aakash, special attention is taken into account in this regard to optimize the overall performance. In addition, our proven expert faculties keep on discovering new scientific methodologies of teaching to facilitate the students for cracking and topping national level entrance exams.
Aakash Practice Tests – A Panacea to Crack Entrance Exams
An array of factors is involved in equipping the students to excel in the actual examination. They need to inculcate the habit of concentration apart from having sound knowledge of the subject. Practice regularly for minimizing errors by improving speed and accuracy. Improving the art of presentation will helps maximize their scores and increase their efficiency. Aakash Practice Test has been instrumental in improving the score in Medical and Engineering Entrance Exams as well as Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY and JSTS etc. because it reduces the actual practice time thereby facilitating the students to practice more in less time. Stringent practice sticking to stipulated time helps maximize the score.
Various Tests Ensure Success
Various tests are organized to sharpen the skills of the students at Aakash. We discuss here on three types of tests which have been put in place viz, Weekly Tests/Fortnightly Tests, Term Tests and All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS). These tests have brought in performance revolution over the years. These have been also instrumental in improving speed and accuracy through rigorous problem solving sessions which gives Aakashians an edge over others.
Weekly Tests/Fortnightly Tests: These tests are meant to equip the students so that they maintain their pace with content coverage and also keep identifying their weak areas. Students derive the latest problem sets at the end of each topic and ensure that these are done during weekly tests which will provide optimum advantages to the students helping them score high. During the test, teachers do not interfere with the thought process of the students. If they observe that students are stuck with problems, they help them out in successive stages by giving them hints, motivating them to think scientifically. Special emphasis is given on out of box thinking that helps improve students’ Intelligence Quotient (IQ).
Term Test: This Test is a full length test common for all Aakash centres. This is conducted to give students firsthand experience of the real time test environment and competition ranking at ground level so that they might be able to assess their real proficiency level. This test has been instrumental in improving the performance of the students thereby increasing their score at the real examination.

All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS):

This test is meant for all – whether Aakashians or non-Aakashians. It is conducted when entrance exams are close at hand at all India level. Any student from anywhere can participate in this test. It gives an opportunity to students to test their knowledge level, where fresh as well as dropper students participate from across the country. Students get All India Rankings (AIR) and complete test analysis that give them a clear overview of their competency level.
Advantages of Tests
Various specific tests mentioned above have been instrumental in improving the score in Medical as well as Engineering Entrance Exams because it reduces the actual practice time thereby facilitating the students to practice more in less time. Stringent practice sticking to stipulated time helps maximise the score.
The results of these tests are instantaneously scanned through our exclusive scanning laboratory. A unique scanner has been installed in the laboratory which produces quick results of all the sections at all branches simultaneously, showing the rank-wise positions of all students; ranks of the students are sent to them as well as their parents. Results of online tests are also sent to students and parents through SMS and E-mail.

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