Aakash Short-Term Regular Courses

Short Term regular courses offered at Aakash are designed for those students who have already enrolled themselves for Engineering and Medical entrance examinations and require last minute tips & tricks so that they can learn more in less time, thereby improving their scores.
This courseware has been designed in such a way that students can revise their entire course and rectify the loopholes lurking over. This course aims to revive all the concepts in a student’s memory and clear any doubt arising thereof to make them confident for the test.
The duration of this course is 1-2 months. During this duration, students are given a quick revision of the course curriculum for the entrance exam and are geared up to face the real challenge ahead. The course comprises of back to back tests, periodic assessments, motivational lectures given by faculty and regular doubt clearing sessions that make this program an ideal approach to crack the entrance exams. 
This is also a very good option for those students who do not want to get puzzled at the end while preparing for entrance exams. There has to be a systematic approach lest their hard work should go in vain. This course provides target-oriented insights that would help them smoothly cruise through the exam. 
The faculty at Aakash is professionally trained and highly competent with good experience under their belt. This makes them knowledgeable enough to understand the minds of students at this critical juncture of preparation. Thus, they are able to guide the students in the right direction which helps them crack the entrance exams.
Even during the short time span of 1-2 months, the students are so trained that they are well-prepared to deal with complex problems that are often asked in such entrance examinations.
This course program is recommended for students who want to brush up their knowledge and gain competency in entrance exam preparation. This course has been proved instrumental in increasing the score of the students in the last couple of months.

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