The Aakash SAGA

A pioneer in the coaching industry, Aakash has emerged as the one stop destination for preparation of medical, engineering and other important entrance examinations. Mr J. C Chaudhry, the man behind the establishment of Aakash is one of the most revered persons responsible for its success. Proven track record of producing top rankers in various entrance exams has created a legacy that has been continuing for the last 29 years. Its integrated teaching methodologies, highly qualified and well trained faculty, conducive learning atmosphere and competitive environment among other factors have made it a leader in the coaching industry. Touching a student base of 1.9 lacs every year, Aakash has become one of the most sought after brands in the coaching industry. Keeping pace with the technological advancements in the education field, Aakash offers Aakash iTutor and Aakash Live that mark a shift in the way students learn. Driven by an urge to help students learn in the most effective ways, Aakash focuses on conceptual and application based learning that today millions of students are able to see a foreseeable future for themselves.


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